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When I say this young man missed a good opportunity, what I really meant was, "HE MISSED A GOOD OPPORTUNITY, TO KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT"! You never really know, unless you are walking in somebody else's shoes, why they do what they do! Some people should think before they speak!

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I have lived in the Seffner mango Valrico area of Florida all of my life.

I have shopped at sweetbay, Winn-Dixie, Publix, Walmart, and target for groceries. I AM A COUPONER. (You almost have to be in this economy)

In particular, I have shopped at the Valrico Florida Publix for 13 years. I share a vehicle with my son right now as he is trying to save money to get a really nice car. Therefore, there are times when I cannot get to the grocery store until 9:30 PM, 9:40 PM and I do my very very best to be in line at 10:00 PM. I have gotten very familiar with a Lot of managers that have come in that store and out of that store, very friendly very kind. NO COMPLAINTS.


The managers were standing at the door, to let me out. Laughing and talking as I was checking out. I thought nothing of it, I've seen it before. What happened next did nothing shy of humiliate me embarrassed me and make me cry!

I could not get out of the line any faster due to a woman in front of me that was having problems with her credit card. However, when I walked out a very young pompous baldheaded up-and-coming manager with glasses, named Brandon Chambliss walks me out to my car, halfway through the parking lot tells me that they have other things to do at 10:45 PM and that I am holding them up from doing their jobs! Pissed off? Oh yeah, I'm pissed off! And I want the world to know!

WHO DOES THAT? I was at that store before it moved across the street. I have been loyal to that store. No longer. This little young, pompous whippersnapper will never ever have the opportunity to tell me that I am holding up his store again! Winn-Dixie is right down the road, and there's another Publix that I can go to!


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Sounds like the son of a Publix DM I know. So foolish for him to talk to you like that. He should not be a manager.


Coming in to a store that closes its doors at 10pm, at 9:30pm to do COUPON shopping is absolutely ridiculous. First of all you have to find your items, see how many coupons you have so you can get the right amount of product.

This all takes time and I have seen couponers that take their sweet time doing so, all the while knowing the store CLOSES at 10. Then you bring all your items up to the register at 10:15 for the cashier to deal with all the coupons which takes more time then a regular transaction. Please show some courtesy to the cashier that has been on her feet for 8 hours and is wanting to get off her feet.

There is always another side to the coin, and this time I have to say, schedule your shopping where it falls within the normal working hours of the store and by that I mean be cashed out by 10:00, not heading to the register.


I don't care what happened unless a customer is being rude to other customers or grossly out of line NO manager or employee for that matter has a right to speak to a customer like that. Every store has a sales goal.

Every customer helps make it. Was this "manager " an actual manager or a supervisor. My husband is a general manager and I know he has stayed open an hour later to accommodate customers. It's called building a customer for life.

He has done it and the person spends 20.00 but he's done it and had a customer spend 10,000. So you never know. That was the difference in him getting a bonus. Profits = hours.

Hours=more employees. Employees= better customer service.(well it should lol) I have to agree as being a cashier years ago people who think the business hours are for everyone but them are annoying. And I don't agree with what the poster did.You have to remember stores have schedules and you caused employees to possibly work overtime costing the store $ and possibly getting in trouble for going over. In California break and lunches are strict laws and business' are fined so if the cashier was made to work over their time the store could be fined (here in Cali)also they have families to get home to sometimes kids to get from babysitters.

so better scheduling your visit is encouraged.

But managers do have to hold themselves to a higher standard. If this got him so heated he may need to find another line of work because I am positive this will happen again.

I'm just curious what happened when you called to complain.


Thank you for your caring response! I needed it.

No, he was not a store manager. I have a very good relationship with every single employee there is seems. I have never ever had a problem at that store! I've seen managers come and go, I've seen assistant managers come and go and I've been there the whole time.

I would love to talk to you, but I don't know how to get a hold of you without the whole world knowing my phone number or email address.

And as far as his title, I'm not really sure, but I do believe that he was the grocery manager. Thank you ever so much for your words of wisdom!



I know, Publix investigates these type of concerns "for a better shopping experience". There is a comment section for these types of concerns on the company website.


Thank you for letting me know that, instead of trying to chew me out because no one really knows the situation but myself. It was really an internal embarrassment.


If you can't get to the store at a reasonable time, and allow yourself reasonable time to get out by the time the store closes, then you are a BAD customer! And get your kid a bus pass!


I notice you defending Publix faithfully. Either you're trolling to make people mad or you're another one of their mindless minions who has been so brainwashed by all their "training" videos you have made a god of this wicked corporation.


How were you embarrassed in the middle of a parking lot? I'm sure there weren't a lot of people near you.

When you say you are a couponer, it you mean what I think you mean I would be very annoyed if I was in the line in back of you. I rarely use coupons in this economy because most of the time it is cheaper to buy store brands than name brands even with a coupon. There is maybe half a dozen name brands that I buy, with or without coupons. I also don't like the way coupons are now, most of the time you have to buy more than one of the item and when you figure the coupon off the savings isn't worth it, also a lot of people don't have room to store numerous items.

Another thing I have noticed about coupons lately is that there is less time until they expire. That being said, I don't see anything for you to be embarrassed about or act like a really big baby and cry. If you were using a really large amount of coupons you probably held up the line longer than the lady in front of you that was having trouble with her credit card. As far as sharing a car with your son so he could save to buy a really nice car goes, exactly what does that have to do with anything?

What does you son need a really nice car for? I'm sure it is more of a want than a necessity. That being said I would tell my son he could make do with whatever car he had until he got on his own feet and could afford a better car. There definitely wouldn't be any using my car.

I think you have some growing up to do, grow a back bone and tell your son to stand on his own two feet.

Several years ago I had to do that with my adult daughter and son-in-law. They had a car that was running, but didn't look real great and I had quite a nice car(for insurance purposes it was considered a sports car.) Anyway they were always wanting to borrow it to run around in and all it took was a couple times of telling them no, because the only insurance I had on it would cover myself and any mechanic that I had working on it, so that he/she could test drive it.