Publix and Hess Stations were the only places selling half & half without any additives. Publix was more reasonable. I do not buy Publix cream any longer. I buy my cream at WalGreens but it is more expensive. So I have a choice, pay more money or stop buying cream altogether.

Do you intend, any time soon going back to producing your half & half without additives?

I do my best to buy mostly produce and never any packaged or prepared foods with the exception of low sodium products.

Modern technology has prolonged the shelf life of our food and shortened ours.

The money I spend on food is still cheaper than for doctors and drugs.

Location: Tampa, Florida

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I agree this creamer from Publix just started carrying Disodium Phosphate. Why the change.

They want you to play double for their "GREENWISE" half and half. I am going to try and find an alternative whether it be whole milk or something.


Publix care only about how much money they can make. It's not the store it used to be where honesty, integrity and customer service was paramount.

If the ingredients you ingest (without knowing and checking labels) shorten you life, so what. The population is growing at a breakneck speed and the children in school now and babies being born are being dumbied down in school and will be too unintelligent to know the different.

FAST FOOD for lazy people. That's the message Publix espouses to.

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