Indianapolis, Indiana

I applied for a job at publix deli department and bakey. I have 4yrs experience in both departments. They are hireing in both departments but would not hire me because I wasn't able to work different hours everyday.I needed normal morning hours due to I have a 2yr old daughter and my husband works night and there is no one to watch herexcept my husband during the day.i was trying to make some extra money to help with our move and takeing care of my child.I feel that this was wrong of them and not fare how can a place be allowed to do this.

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This is BS, Publix isn't IN Indiana! They are currently in, FL, GA, SC, and NC. That's IT folks.


And Tennessee.


If you can not work when they need you, they will not hire you, and it is more than fair for them to decline. It is up to the employer to set the schedule, not you, and I know no company that will need someone 7-4 and hire someone who says they need 10-6.

If they needed someone those hours they would have put a requisition out for it. You work by their schedule not your own.

Find a job where hours are flexible. There are more places to work than Publix.


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Ok you got cut to part time because you transfered. You were warned before hand what would happen.

Make it worth haveing you full time and maybe they would give it back to you. I deal with people like you when ever I have to shop at a store thats not my own.

Thats when people dont say hello, ask to help us, or even care that we are in the store. Get over it and earn what you want or just quit complaining about it.


All of the comments concerning Publix is true. I have worked for Publix for 0ver 5 years as a full-time associate.

When I transferred to a new store they told me I could stay but only as a part-time employee. Who in their right mind would take a fully-trained employee and reduce them to part-time, plus reduce their pay. the idea behind all of this is so the store managers can receive a larger bonus. What better way to be so greedy, but to hold everyone back as a part-time employee so the store managers can receive more money.

So while the employees slave away, these managers lavish themselves in luxury with huge bonuses. I wonder if Fortune 500 really knows how this company has changed. GREED has set in and the monsters have come out of their caves. Also, you have store managers who actually lie to the Corporate Headquarters just to save their own skin, especially at the expense of a hard-working employee.

What a company. George Jenkins is rolling over and over in his grave.

His entire vision of Fellowship and Stewardship has completely gone into the toilet. I agree, lets BOYCOTT Publix


Transfers within a company are done at their sufferance. They are doing you a favor, and they are certainly not going to fire or cut a full timer already there to part time so you can have a job.

Take what they have, until another full time comes available. I find it interesting that the company became horrible when they would not immediately accommodate you.


I am so tired of this kind of bs. When Jenkins was a live no Sundays, why because of family.

As soon as he died, whoop now we are open and new employees got an extra buck. Now no more extra buck for new hires. Wake up it's all about greed not what is and was Mr . Jenkins.

I worked in the Lakeland division for a decade. The company is going down fast. How about being a manager and having a sick kid that has to stay home from school. Then being told you better come in or else you will never get to the next step.

No they didn't have to hirethisperson butI have seen life made harder for current employees because they made a family. I have seen with automated scheduling people being told to work till clothes 4 nights a week while some get non. Not because of a bad employee but because there is no human making the schedule. Jedi did you ever work at Publix, I am sure not you are in Canada.

I did and shipped there for 36 years.

Quality of product has gone down and it's because they don't care anymore about the workers. Oh and with the new auto schedule I have been in and worked at stores with to many employees at the wrong time or not enough.

@You bunch of ***

Publix was not open on Sunday's because of Bill Hollis. He was the one who was all about family and service.

He was with Publix from the very beginning. It was the Jenkins on the board of directors who eventually voted to start being open on Sundays.


What they're doing is perfectly legal. They are running a business.

Scheduling is based on business needs rather than personal needs. There are very few ”regular” hours in the grocery business. Customer shopping patterns show that people shop (are you ready?) when it's convenient for them which is usually an evening after work or weekend.

If you can't work those shifts then they have no reason to hire you rather than someone who can. I'm sorry things did not work out with this job, but I wish you luck with your search for ”regular hours”


Most companies set their own hours. I know it's not convenient for you, and I'm sorry, but had they mentioned or had you inquired what the hours would be ahead of time?

I realize how it is necessary to have certain hours for whatever reasons, but it's our responsibility to check with the company and find out before we try to get a job there as much as they should have told you that.

Good luck finding a job that will be better for your hours. :)


This may come as a shock to you, but you are not the only person in the world with a 2 year old daughter and child care issues. Publix cannot hire people based on what is convenient for you to work.

They hire based on when their customers shop, which is afternoons nights and weekends. For you to act shocked by this, or that somehow Publix is doing something wrong speaks volumes of your stupidity.


They would make you work when they need you. If everyone worked when they felt like it or when it was best for them, there would probably be no one working on weekends.

There is nothing wrong with what they are doing. If they have more people working at a particular time and none working at other times there won't be anyone to help customers and do their job. I would think that you as a parent would have the basic understanding of this simple concept which even a first grader has.

They want you to work when they need you as with any job. Even a first grader has this simple concept.