Reston, Virginia
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my grandson went to the store with me to pick up some things. he has down syndrome,and he goes to school where he was taught to put all things he gets from the store must be put into bags before he goes out of the store, when this lady told me she was not going to put his things in bags he was really upset, he didn't know what to do.

she told the baggier not to put my depends in a bag, that was very unbarring for me.

i was going to call an atty. about it but i wanted to let you know about it first, thank you, Shirley Davis i have the lady's name, if you want it.

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Why would you pick on this lady? What if it was your grandmother?

Maybe it will be you in a few years. Have you seen the way Publix bags their groceries? They place only 1 or 2 items in a bag anyway so why couldn't they do that for this woman's grandson?

And how do you know she doesn't recycle the bags? You people must work at Publix.


Whoa!! Easy on the lady not wanting to show the world she had urinary problems.

Do you guys walk out of the store displaying your condoms (though you should be proud!) or Preparation-H? The bagger should have shown some sensitivity to the woman. However, drop the law suit idea, Lady.

Really????? :p


Why are you posters picking on her? The bagger should have put her personal item in a bag. Afterall, to some, this could be an item they don't want anyone else to see, or possibly have a family member or friends see.


If having a bag all the time is such a big deal, why don't you use the re-usable bags and then he will always have one. :roll


Lmao look at this old ***.

Your the reason prices are rising up.

Publix will not lose money if you get one hundred bags for one item they will just increase that one items price next time to make up for it.

People like you are what i call no life want to make society a piece of P00p for the rest of you.

Conserving bags is also important for the environment.

So if you add up you bull p00p it equals this.


Next Time You Visit

Bags Used +$0.10

Time Wasted On Cashier/Bagger +$0.89


Now You Feel Better About Your Self Now My Grandma Can Not Afford Depends P00p Head!


Bags cost money, you're not going to get 1 for a single item.


Call an attorney for what? If you were so embarrassed then why are you telling the world about your DEPENDS ***!!!!! :cry :cry :roll :roll :eek :eek :sigh