Corning, Arkansas

I am writing this complaint because I am extremely dissatisfied with my recent experience at Publix. I would like to first start off by stating that I have NEVER had an issue with Publix in the past, my aunt and uncle both work at Publix located in South Carolina and I have always been happy with the service I received.

Today, I went to fill a prescription at Publix but the assistant pharmacy manager refused to take my prescription. I gave him the prescription and he proceeded to look at it and then type my name in the computer. He then told me that the prescription was not in stock. When I asked how long it would take he told me it would take 3-4 days to order it.

I said "ok that's fine, I'll wait". He gave me back the prescription and he then proceeded to stare at me, wide-eyed, for the next 40 seconds. I asked him if there was a problem. He began to ask me why I am taking the prescription and that other people would need it sooner.

When I told him that was not my situation he basically told me that since other people need it sooner that I should need it sooner. He kept staring at me, wide-eyed, and made me feel extremely uncomfortable. At that point I told him that he was being rude and that I would be making a complaint. I don't think that this 'assistant pharmacy manager', specifically named Joel, ever actually checked to see if the medication was in stock, he refused my service and made me feel really uncomfortable with his awkward stares.

Even though the publix is near my house, I will NEVER return. This is supposed to be a place 'where shopping is a pleasure' but it felt more like a place where shopping is harassment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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The real reason they all think they know more than a doctor.They questioned the use of your med. that should only be between you and your doctor.Their job is to just fill the script.Doctors are schooled totally different than a pharmacist.A pharamacist is just a chemist nothing else. I really hate when they treat people badly and someday someone is really gonna get hurt because they cannot get their meds.How dare he judge you he does not know you.Too bad you cannot sue someone for being a ***


Hey ***, pharmacists are doctors. Do some research.

All pharmacists now graduate with a PharmD, meaning Doctor of Pharmacy. They go through different schooling than doctors - they have 8 semesters of pharmacology while medical doctors have ONE.

Many doctors write prescriptions for narcotics liberally and it's up to the pharmacist to decide if the medication has a therapeutic use. Try advil and tylenol if you're in pain and stop eating these pills.


I have had similar reactions from publix pharmacies, I usually fill my prescriptions at CVS but the one I use does not carry or order schedule II narcotics. So I am forced to go to other pharmacies to fill this particular script.

I called my doctor because no one says they have it in stock and no one will order. I finally found one publix that would order it for me, even though other publix's told me they don't have it and wont order it for me. I am 26 and in extreme pain everyday and get treated like an addict. I am forced to suffer because pharmacists judge me and wont fill my script.

I have to say the one Publix that did order it has treated me with the upmost respect but all the other ones just handed me my script back and would not help me.

Something needs to change in Florida, people are suffering because they cant get their scripts filled. I will be in pain until the day I die and have tried every single other option to treat without meds possible with no success.


Reasons why your prescription is being denied:

1. You're abusing your medication. (There's a program pharmacist can use to look you up on and it shows what you have been filling at other pharmacies. To control abuse and to see when you last filled that prescription)

2. The pharmacist isn't comfortable with filling for your doctor. Some doctors write control substances for everything. They have a bad rep.

3. The medication is something they do not carry for security reasons..... It's better not to cover it than to get robbed.

If only you knew the strict laws pharmacist must follow, you'd understand.


Do you think this dirt bag is a pharmacist?....haha, Im glad they are under such strict laws...better chance for them to screw up and get arrested. Maybe Im on a list because I have a condition that requires me to take this medication and I have used different pharmacies depending on where I am that day.....either way who are they to judge....but what else can you expect from a drug dealer.