Amanda H is the worst manager ever and has no people skills. She continues to run off all of the good workers.

She is nothing more than a glorified clerk. She is known at many of the stores as a problem, but is still allowed to act this way. She will stab anyone in the back to get what she wants. She is the reason I left that store.

On another note she cheats on her husband. What a winner!

I would have thought that by now someone would have caught on. Her biggest goal is to get someone fired.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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Maybe management should not chat with other employees about there sex relationship if manager married and giving employee a hard time maybe that a big give away


Give her a call 478-971-7706


Publix Super Market @ Gunn Battle

6015 Watson blvd.

Byron, GA 31108



Here she is.


well, that's one thing that your manager is a ***, but losing your job is another. so like the other person said, chances are you probably gossip more than you do work.


If you really wanted people to know how "Amanda H is the worst manager ever" you would've released a location along with your post. This proves that you're nothing more than an ex employee with a bad taste in their mouth.

Go have a publix sub. They're delicious.


Actually the only reason you are complaining is because you got fired. Furthermore it isn't anybody's business what the relationship between her and her husband is like.

Maybe they have an open marriage. Anyway it sounds like you had your nose where it didn't belong.


First of all I am still with the company, I transferred. Second Amanda H is frequently shipped from one Publix to the next due to her issues in the middle GA area. And I'm certain the kids will understand the "open marriage".