Tampa, Florida

July 12 2011 The Winthrop Publix Store in Riverview,Fl refused to accept a BOGO coupon from their own Greenwise Market Store (30 miles round trip drive to save $7.18). The manager did a lot of shoulder shrugging, but another Publix Grocery Store (Bloomingdale and Bell Shoals, approx.

3 miles away would) accept the coupon. Why would this obstinate manager (Mrs. Judy Rywant)turn a customer away and not accept their own coupon but accept competitor coupons? I called the Regional Mgr.

(Tab Bryant)three times and left a message to no avail.

Customer satisfaction pledge has been comprised.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Coupon.

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Publix reads these, so I'm not sure why you haven't heard from them. If you're not satisfied yet, then go to publix.com and voice your concerns on their consumer relations page. winthrop is store #890.


Its true what Al said. Greenwise coupons are to drive traffic to the store.

I'd almost bet the coupon probably said something about "greenwise locations only".

Coupons have a lookup (LU#) in the publix system. Curious if they tried to enter the coupon at winthrop and it came up invalid.

Lady Nightmare

Why would you drive 30 miles to save $7.18? I have never come across this problem before.

I doesn't make any sense that they would rather you redeem a cupon of that size anyplace else. Where I live I only have 2 grocery stors so we don't have that problem.

The wal mart where I live will not accept anyone elses cupons but Safeway will. I don't shop anywhere else as our Wal Mart is a huge open pit to the entrance of ***.


Accepting a coupon from the Greenwise store is different than accepting a coupon from a nearby competitor. The purpose of the Greenwise coupon is to drive traffic into that particular location.

However, Publix gladly accepts coupons from local competitors (determined at each individual store) because it is then taking business from competition, as opposed to taking business from a store designed to fill a niche market, specifically natural and organic foods. I would highly recommend you visit the Greenwise store; I love the facade of the store, the deameanor of the employees, and the impeccable selection.