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I shop at the Canopy Oaks Publix in Ocala on SR 200. Just opened a package of spare ribs (not baby back). I think they're tastier than the baby backs, and I know they usually have a bit more fat and an an extra flap of meat above the ribs. I trim them down to St. Louis style. But, my goodness!--this package contained nearly 1-1/2 lbs. of bone and fat (including the sternum bone, which I've never seen still attached to a slab of ribs) and way more fat than usual. Also, packed under the ribs (and hidden below that little piece of absorbent material they use in their packaging) was a another large piece of bone. I know when I buy ribs like this that I'll have to trim them up, but I've never seen so much "garbage meat" hidden in the package.

I've got to put some rub on the meat and let it sit overnite, otherwise I would have waited until the AM to return the meat and ask for an explanation. How about some quality control here? Maybe the boss had already gone home when this was packaged.

Have you noticed anything similar when purchasing meat at Publix?

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You probably bought them on sale and when items are on sale there is far less incentive to start subtracting from the dollar value of the package for the guy packaging it. Either that or someone was cracking the whip on him and he just wanted to go home when he was scheduled to and he cut corners.