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I've read several complains of former employees and yesterday I opted to quit as two new jobs appear in the horizon for me and I start next week. I used to work at 103, Seffner - Fl for 3 years.

Placing a complain at Human Resources and having the District Managers speaking with the store managers only create a general burden as they will see you as someone who is not satisfied with the company, my problem laid on a transfer that I asked to another store close to my house as I used to drive 30 miles per day in order to keep my job, yet for 3 years that was my only job and I didn't quit without having a safe answer that I was going to get hired some place else around my area, yet driving and earning 30 miles and earning minimal wage and getting denied by the management several times that they were going to send my papers. The organizational climate at least from the Mango store was terrible regarding the upper managers as the open door policy was never effective as they never listened to people who were part or not in a CSS positions. I know some people are happy working in the company, but I see them happy with status-quo of their lives, I see other people just there because they have no aspirations.

I been thinking on why Publix vainglory of having a decent pay wage for their employees, as with 7.50 you can't barely make a living but almost any other company pay a starter base salary of US$8.00 for the entry level positions as well saying they work perfectly around school schedules while in reality they don't, Publix gives a minimum of 15 hours based on my experience to people who go part-time and are stuck as Cashiers and Front Service, yet other companies as I can say with my most recent experience they give more than 15 hours plus overtime beyond the 35 hour limit.

Another complain, I been wondering for a long time why the company don't hire accountants for every single store to work with large sums of money instead of putting 17 to 22 year old kids with no formal education about business administration or clerical word and they rely on buddy system from other employees who have no formal studies or educational training either beyond the buddy system.? I been amazed how this company keeps itself a float but I guess is because on customer fidelity and the many decades it has been on the South.

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