Gainesville, Georgia

A employee at my store #615 Suwanee Ga committed suicide. This person when he applied wrote on his application that he was mute,and for what ever reasons that he put this on his paperwork is beyond us as employees.

A customer took offence to this and wrote a letter to corporate when she came through his line and he spoke to her. We all no the definition of being mute and we as employees of the store are torn because he was a good guy and was no trouble now that we no how our employer really feels about us what are we to do we all no it was wrong for him to take his own life but sometime customers really need to stay in there own lane because we dont no what a person is going through.

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Omg...I remember this kid. This is very sad and for the comments about this boy being able to speak and wasnt mute blows my mind.

Personally....I dont think the boy did anything wrong. So what if he didnt want to speak even if he could? He was polite thats the bottom line as an associate of a retail company. As a human being with our own perogatives, who are we to judge another.

No one is perfect and we all have flause. Do I feel decieved that this boy fooled me and many others? A little but we dont know why he did so and I wouldnt even think to contact the Publix headquarters about how an associate fooled me. Maybe this boy was laughed at all his life so he decide not to converse feeling he would be rejected from ignorrant ppl like the ones who complaint.

I guess their just the perfect person. I hope they live with the guilt that they helped him end his life.

With this state being the bible belt....I wouldnt doubt if the complainers were so call christians who goto church every Sunday as well. To the boy who ended his heart goes out to you...I hope your happy & God punishes the evil ***


Maybe you should understand definitions of psychological ailments a little bit more. Being mute does not always mean that you never speak a word.

Perhaps the associate was actively seeking help for his condition and was making progress. Perhaps the customer that complained should not have been offended but should have been honored that he "trusted" her enough to be able to speak. Perhaps Publix should have also taken the strides to understand his disease a little bit more. However, you should always know that there is always more than one side of the story.

There are so many variables in this situation. It is easy for people to sit back and judge.


I knew this young man as I also shopped at Publix (although I never will again). LiquidFuse218 is missing 2 important points: You don't know the reasons Jeremy stopped speaking yet you assume it was a ''deception'' - perhaps you didn't know the depths of his heart or what hurts lay there.

You also say he ''let people take pity on him'' but you are wrong. I never saw Jeremy ask for anyone's pity. He did his job; he was polite and efficient; he asked nothing from anyone. Your ''friend'' felt deceived and worked to have him fired and the store (I hope to their shame) complied to placate her.

A young man who was just beginning to come out of his shell and speak lost his job to please your ''friend'' and then he took his life. Where was compassion? Where was kindness? Where was the knowledge that you can't know a person unless you've walked in their shoes?

Can you imagine for a moment the pain he was feeling?

Can you imagine how hurt he felt? Can you live with that?


FlaHurricane, Publix employees get breaks like everyone does. Check the law.

If you aren't allowed a break, contact HR and go kick some butt.

If Publix employees don't like their jobs, they should get another job?

Sure. And if you don't like shopping at Publix, go elsewhere.


To clarify "Anonymous"'s comment...

There was an employee in Publix store #615, in Suwanee GA, that for a very long time claimed to be mute.

He was generally very pleasant to customers, and greeted everybody at the checkout counter with flashcards that had written greetings on them, like "Hello, how can I help you?" or "Will that be all?"

I first met him while checking out my groceries about a year ago and was surprised and refreshed to see a mute person actively working without hindrance.

Now for the shocking part... He was faking it all along... He could speak fine, as he later showed everybody when he decided to "start speaking again" to customers in public.

This apparently shocked several people, including a close friend of my family, who became pretty irate at his "deceiving methods" and she decided to formally complain. I believe that by the time our friend wrote her letter, other people had already took action in a similar fashion.

Also know that this kid (23 years old at most), walked to and from work, and lived with what seems to be his dad or close family member, in the same neighborhood I live in. Sometimes he walked the stretch of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard (20 minute walk), from the Public store all the way to our sub-division. He would walk this at any time his shift happened to be, whether at the crack of dawn or closing time after 10:30pm, on a February night.

My wife felt sorry for him one cold evening as he walked alone in the dark and she offered him a ride. He accepted, and this is how she came to know him at a very limited personal level.

After he decided to "speak again", he spoke to my wife as he loaded her groceries to her car. He said something like: "Is this everything?" She stood there stupefied for a moment, then confronted him about him being mute. She asked why he faked and his response was that he didn't think it was a big deal. She replied back stating that she felt deceived by him, because he let people take pity in him for an illness he didn't really have. He then replied that she shouldn't feel bad.

We later heard that he was being fired due to the commotion caused through several customer complaints. Now we heard he committed suicide...

I pray for his soul. I don't quite understand how something like this can happen, and I don't think anyone could externally look at this and piece it together.

My thoughts are with his family.


Perhaps you should try to write this again so that it makes sense. There is not one coherent sentence in your complaint.


yeah. like what the heck are you trying to say?

that was so disjointed and confusing. You are not making any sense.


I've read this twice, and cannot understand what you are trying to say. The employee is mute but he spoke?

I do, however, understand FlaHurricane in that this person believes that if you can't deal with a nasty customer you should get out of the business.

Unfortunately, the customer is not given special priviledges to be nasty to any associate just because the customer has a bad job, or that they got stuck in traffic, or because the associate doesn't good Engish or they are too slow, or for whatever reason you want to throw out there. The associate is not a punching bag for customers who have had a bad day.


FlaHurricane Its true we dont know what yall have gone through that day that upsets yall, but its not right to take it out on the people that are tring to serve you. If you to the time to be calm you might see that your trip to publix might be one less thing that upsets you in your day, but instead its easier to be rude and hateful to us, because you know we will be writen up or fired if we talk back.

People come into the store and on top of takeing out every little thing on us they eat cherries and spit the pits anywhere but in the trash, talk on there cell phones while in line, and want us to go fatser the any human can because they wait till the last minute to shop and now their kids are waiting at home. Dont take your day out on us, dont take your life out on us, we are there to help you and will but not to take your abuse.


I don't understand either. HOW would a lady coming through his line WHAT he wrote on his employment application?

Why would she be offended for him speaking? think you may have had a nasty customer and felt writing this would get you sympathy and people to agree with you. But ALL I can say is IF you can't deal with customers and nasty customers at that... GET OUT OF WORKING WITH THEM.

You don't know what a customer gone thru that may make them upset. Maybe THEY work in a job that they don't get the perk of being able to laugh and play with their co-workers like YOU do. Maybe they don't work in a job that they get BREAKS LIKE YOU do. Maybe they are trying to make ends meet and have to pay Publixs ridiculous prices.

And then maybe you go through a line and the Publix clerk barely speaks plain english that you can understand AND is moving like a snail while your kids are waiting for you to get home and feed them. You should maybe get another job.


I'm sorry, I am genuinely confused about what you're trying to say. A customer complained about him speaking and he was mute?

Your employer feels what about you? Not being sarcastic, I don't understand what you're saying.