Waterloo, Ontario

Well I work at one of the pyblix here in my home town of charleston south carolina. When I first started working for this company 3 years ago, my store operator stressed the fact that , hey we have an open door policy and if ever you need to sit down and talk about something that effect you her and you don't think something is fair, my door is always open.

That's ***, I whe to him with things thatjust bother me generally as a shopper and an employee and you know what, he just shrugged me off. What the *** is his problem? Like man, why say we have an open door policy if you just slam the door right in my face? The think that my direct manager just sucks, one minutes he is alright the next he just flips the strip.

And it seems that he plays employees against each other like what the ***. Where they do that slimmy *** at. Only at this west ashley store. Remember the slogan," publix, we'll work you like a slave and treat you like ***"....

Just me venting. Enjoy your day

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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She does not have the guts to leave her real name so can't be true.


Publix sick policy states a medical certificate for employee out more than 4 days. Manager calls sick employee at home harrassing him and asking for doctors note when he has only been out 2 or 3 days and according to policy it is not needed. Guess he doesn't know his publix handbook policy about sick days, stressing out and employee who is sick with a disease that is caused by stress; that he is personally causing this emp; is he trying to kill her?


Quit your whining or quit your job. Seriously grow up.


If this is true call Randy or Greg. I am sure they will handle it!