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I have now worked at Publix for four years. I work hard, have passed all the tests to move up and still get skipped over for the guys whos cuz kisses the bosses butt.

They tell me its because i have missed some time. The only time i missed was when i was in the hospital, or had a broken arm, or was sick enough to get my whole dept sick. I had doctors notes the whole time and since they make you sign a piece of paper saying if your sick you will stay home when you start i feel i was in the right. To add to the fun when i have been out i always come back to the worst shifts there are.

They even went as far as to use my bonus to cover sick time they gave me too much of while i was out. I had no hand in it, they put it in the computer, the same computer that tells them how much i have.

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Yea he is right, I was a CS manager and basically you have to kiss *** 90% of the time if you want to get promoted , it’s not like that everywhere but it’s like that mostly anywhere I have seen it all


You should have gone into work when scheduled. Maybe you would still have a job at a great company.


on the first part about other people getting promoted when you obviously have more experience, that's pretty much favoritism there, buddy. I don't know much about sick pay but All I'm gonna say is the only way you're gonna move up in Publix is if the managers there like you.


The issue or point is what "screwed" is saying by repeating What does it take in order to move up in Publix Study Policies, study history of Publix learn just why Publix is the best. Your told in order to move up You study hard work hard and pass not pass but a High Pass, but the big glitch is like any club it has a nitch..your store manager determines your future regardless of test score or knowledge or video score. Hopefully your smart enough to know the difference between a pipe dream without breaking your values ,morals on some and as for people who want to move up ..ask yourself is it really worth to be valued who you are not what your store manager determines for you. lol either be who you are and cross your fingers hope you will move up. or sell who you are not and you may be what they want to hear.

only open door i ever experienced was the door being left opened after my open door experience after 4 years ready and waiting and waiting this Finalist List. if not keep trying ..


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you are right (screwed) I never give to united way or march of dime, the ceo of these corp make over 700,000,00 a year. what do you make a year?

the only ones that will get promotion is the blacks ,so if you want to climb the ladder paint your skin black. and do not use your f.m.l.a.


Thank you its nice to have some one back me up. I wish it was not this way but it is.


Actually this person is correct. I had a car accident and was out for a month.

After working as a manager for years I came back to find my position in danger. I was a role model employee, with top performer pay. I was topped out, drug free etc. I even have a degree in bus management.

More education then over half of the upper managers. I am sorry but everything this person said is true.I once had to deny a raise because of time missed after an employees wife was hit by a bus. I have seen money taken away which is no longer done. I have been told to give money to the United way when I didn't want to because I give to other agencies.

Oh and when you dont you are looked at bad and it does stop you from getting promotions. I have seen my bonuses cut down because the company wasn't doing well but then a report comes out saying we had the highest earnings ever. No it's true you are to sign a paper on employment about being sick.

They even post signs about it all over. Mia one day in 6 months and your evaluation drops

@Screwed too

So you miss more time than I miss, but you somehow feel entitled to become my boss? Then when a promotion doesn't happen, there is something wrong with Publix?

On which planet do you live? Let me tell you, I absolutely hate working with people who miss a lot of work.

They take away from the customer service, because the dedicated associates are always short handed because of you. Thank god Publix still has the sack to do something about it.


Sure thats what it is, I come on here voice my thoughts and i am bad but your on here too. What ever you say wow.



Your response to Ethan on July 6 speaks volumes about why you have been passed over for promotion. You seem to lack maturity.

There is more to promotions than passing the test and coming to work.

You have to show yourself as a person capable of doing the job. I can only assume that you display inconsistency in productivity due to a bad attitude about others being promoted, and I can assure you that's not what Publix is looking for in a manager.


All I will say is the grass is always greener on the other side, So you have a story book job at publix but that does not mean everyone does.


I work at pulix for 18years but before i work at hotel golf course restaurant and construction from my experience none of these place never treat me like publix did can you imagine i have friend that drive 18 Wheelers truck pay good wage that wanna come work for publix because at publix i have a Christmas bonus every year something i never find at the other place that i work before and for 18 years i never miss a paycheck i never get layoff so i recommend people to come work for publix to these people who complain about publix go open your own business dont think they will treat you better somewhere else


Yes tell them, i wont promise the results but for everyones sake please tell them.


I just went to rolling out the green carpet but I'm supposed to start on Wednesday and I have been diagnosed with MONO and you probably know better than I do if I should inform publix that I have mono and I'm working in the deli. WHAT SHOULD I DO???


There was no change in the story, just the truth. I see all your posts on here about stuff, makeing yourself feel better by putting down other people.

If i called out when i was not sick i would not have worked over 3 years without missing a day. I am drug free and clean, so till you take the time to move out of your moms house and get a real job keep your mouth shut.


I am sure you were not promoted because you failed the drug test and funny how you changed your story. Face it you are a bad team player you would make your co workers look bad to look good and get a promotion. How sick and twisted is that.


I was in a hospital bed once, had a broken arm another, so dont tell me i keep calling out sick, i was sent home. Its funny how many people on here think they know how publixs work when you have never even worked there. Give it a try, if you can pass a drug test, which i am sure you cant then try and tell me.


Sounds like you are bitter. You called in sick when you were not really sick and the other people who got a promotion did a better job than you.

Grow up. You can't just keep calling in sick whenever you feel like not working.