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You get treated at Publix in the same manner as you project. Many Publix customers are spoiled brats.

The employees are told to treat customers like kings and queens.??? I thought that was dealt with back when we became independent. If you want to be treated politely and respectfully...… then go into any retail environment with the same attitude you expect. Publix is living in a fantasy world.....but take satisfaction in knowing they will be fading out soon enough.

especially if they don't start treating and compensating their employees correctly. How much of 2018's tax break do you think was passed on to the employees?

If you guessed $0 you are correct. Corporate pigs, in my opinion!

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Jusst FY, Publix is employee owned. Nice try on the tax break comment.

Like most everybody else, they should see it when they do their Federal Taxes.

There stock options seem pretty good for the most part, especially for those who hang in and advance. So at least I cannot agree with Corporate be Greedy.

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