Did you all know that publix tells its drivers they cant hit their brakes too hard more then 3 or 4x a week!

they post a list and if your over the limit they right you up.

if you ask what if we need to stop ? they say oh then stop we are not telling you not to stop , we are not telling you to hit someone???????

what the ****?????? dont stop fast but in an emergence its ok?????? they are making you second guess every time you have to stop!!!!!

they are affecting your reaction time !!!!!!!!!!!! if you have to think about weather its important or not you stop slower! great if your not needing to stop in an emergence!!!!!

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So sorry my words were "bleeped" - "****" in my comment above. They really weren't that bad....simply accurate! :?


Attn: Review #231073 - You are either an *** or misinformed. I have a nephew who could have been killed by a crazy driver who pulled in front of him, giving him the option of hitting the vehicle or driving off the road into trees.

Guess what??? He put his life on the line to avoid hitting the *** who cut him off, and hit the trees.

Thank God he survived....and that his location was on a rural road, not surrounded by traffic in all directions. Get your facts straight.

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