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I used to work at a publix in Florida and worked there for less than a year when Christmas came well when I got one of my checks they had given me a christmas bonus that didn't bother me but when they cut my hours to 0 hours for two weeks in a row I found another job and quit in Jan. about two months later I received a letter in the mail Stating I had to pay the bonus back I so I called the number and asked them why they said its because I didn't work there a full year when I got my bonus so I told me I wasn't going to pay it then about two months later I got another letter in the mail stating the same thing I told them I wasn't going to pay it again they then proceeded to tell me if I didn't pay it back it was going to go against my credit I told them that if it did I was going to get a lawyer my Question is though can they do that? they are the ones who gave the bonus out to early.

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Publix is a lousy company to work for, but publix die hard will always say publix is better than Winn Dixie. Well to that I say, so what


I work for Publix for 10+ years. This is no surprise they do this to their associates all the time. They give you vacation time but if you use it and then leave before the beginning of the new year they will keep youreading final check to cover what ever they think you need to pay back and if your check isn't enough they will come after you for the rest.


Do will paid december Publix went dates do get pay..


What the *** lok




Publix is a great company to work fiance works at the distribution center and they have great benefits..with the economy the way it is it's great to have a job period especially one that offers a christmas first christmas bonus was for only 6 hours bc i only worked part of that year..I'm assuming you got a similar bonus since you did not do a year if your only working part time at a regular Publix store you only get paid around minimum wage. As you get older you will realize how important a good work history and good credit what you can to keep yourself in good standing so that when your older you do not have to pay for your mistakes..Merry Christmas and God bless!!


First of all Bang Bang I was not a *** Lazy Employee I freaking worked my butt off for that Company just to be treated like *** since I didn't suck up to the managers! Publix is the type of Company that if you don't suck up you don't get nothing! You sound like you work for Publix and and suck up to get where you are at!


I agree


Sounds like you where a *** lazy employee .... and you clearly got the message that you sucked at your job...

read the handbook and pay it back... it can't be alot of money im sure you made minimum wage lol

@Bang Bang

Bang you sound *** u just like it there cause your *** husband works there while ur at home not doing ***


Dig up dirt on Publix (Arunya Roach murder case) and (Warehouse deaths safety problems) and search courthouse records for cases where Publix was sued. Start an Anonymous blog and list all of these problems out, and start passing the word while hiding your identity and start a boycott on Publix.

After all, you were constructively terminated with a Zero Hour work assignment - you tried to work and you reserved your working hours for Publix under their own policy, but Publix gave you NOTHING to work for, to earn those XMas bonus dollars! And you could not survive on Zero Hours. publix triggered the termination - you were not at fault.

Also - HR works with managers to "paper out" disgruntled employees.

If you want to really put the thorn in Publix managers, consider all of the nasty treatment you were given ( if any existed ) and go seek out a Contracts lawyer in your state. Publix gave you Zero hours but expected you to believe that you were still employed there ? Where is the equity in requiring you to hand back the bonus? ISn't their argument rendered moot by their decision to give you NO work? How can you work if they give you NO WORK?

@Start Talking

This past employee that has this issue might have gotten in trouble and hours cut to zero for what 1 week? Bunch your panties up and extend offers to pick up hours in another department in the store...

publix has no time for employees that waste time and are off task. Working there for 5 years i noticed the associates who weren't good at their jobs didn't get many hours and those who in REALITY really busted there butts were awarded with hours.


It all depends on the accrual date. If the company is going after you over it, clearly you didn't work up to that date unless there was an administrative error.


I agree read your hand book :roll


So your going to let 8/hrs destroy your credit... Nice!


1 how do you if I worked part time and 2 I shouldn't have to pay nothing back because if they knew I was only part time and I haven't been there a year they should have waited on giving that out Like other Companies would.


this policy is clearly listed in the employee handbook. You signed a form stating you had received this book so you should Since you worked partime it could not have been a big bonus so pay it back like you should and learn the lesson to read your employee handbook.


*** you and *** Publix.


It's as simple as the handbook clear states as long as you are hired before July 1 of the calender year you will receive a bonus. I have the handbook.

It does not state that you are required to be there a full year.

I have it downloaded on my phone so I have it dated and time stamped in case policy changes. So technically he isn't at fault nor does he have to payback legally.


About the handbook .. I work for Publix for 3 months but I was never given a handbook.

I’m a Merchandising and Design Manager at my actual job. I started working for Publix because I lost my previous job as a Department manager at Sack Fifth Avenue, the company closed the stores in my area they offer me transfer but the closest transfer was 4 hour away and I didn’t wanted to move out of town. I have friends that work for Publix since they were teenagers and now they are managers. Being there I learn how the being a managers for Publix work and I don’t agree with it.

As managers they don’t clock in or out and I personally know managers that work 70-80 hours very often and they don’t get pay over time and the excuse is a contract that they sign to get pay as a salary pay. For me that is abuse maybe not in every Publix but in general is like that. My friend is making 78000.00 a year and has been in the company for 20+. When I stated working I did it because I wanted to grow in the company they have good long term benefits.

But being there I noticed a lot of things that are not really right I knew that I needed to begin from the bottom and that it could take me 5 years to get where I wanted to be but with all the things I saw and learn I decided to look for another Job. Thank God I did I found a job that I really like a job that I can utilize my skills and a job that pay me for my education and years of experience and I don’t need to wait 5 or 10 years to do so. I do get bonuses in my job as well and I get pay yearly more than my friend in Publix.

People Publix is not the only company with good benefits. Publix is great for people that don’t have a degree because they can grow with the company with out one.