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Publix in Newport News, Virginia - Incorrect pricing

I just got home from the Publix in Williamsburg, Va. I bought two 4-packs of Dannon Oikos Triple Zero yogurt. The shelf tag read two for $7.00, however when I got home I saw it rang up $3.99 each. I only bought it because I believed it was two for $7.00. I live on the other side of town so it’s too much trouble to go back to the store for a ninety-eight cent refund. I will however think twice before I go back.
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I went to Publix pharmacy today (9/5/18) at noon, standing there at the counter for about 10 minutes and the staffs really ignored me. they were talking to each other, pretended I was invisible. They did not greet me at all, just ignored me. Terrible!!! I walked away,...
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Reason of review
Poor customer service
I have shopped at Publix for over 20 years but in January 2014 I experienced a different side of this company. As I have done many times in the past, I purchased chicken fingers from the Deli Department and ate them in the store. Immediately after biting down, I...
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He's just trying to make money.

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I have been shopping at Publix since my parents first moved to Florida in 1972. Back then, we went every Saturday morning with our mother for the family groceries. When I moved away from my parents and attended college in Florida, my friends and I always shopped at...
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This is the first time I have ever posted a comment on any page but just left Publix in Haines City and I am so mad I could spit nails! While waiting (and waiting) at the deli counter the deli manger of all people waits on customers out of turn.

I brought it too her attention and she started arguing with me!

Look I realize that there are bigger problems in the world than my deli order but this is an issue that continues to happen and I did not appreciate the way Mercy (the deli manager) handled the complaint. I agree with you time to change were I shop.

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Publix' is not sensitive to it's customers needs

I went to the Publix on Dania Beach Blvd. to buy some passover products. The display was at the end of a counter quite hard to find and except for a few products it was empty. No Passover cake mix, no matzoh cake meal and practically nothing else. It was sloppily displayed. It was had to miss that the Easter displays in the front of the store were perfectly displayed and well stocked. I understand there may be more Easter shoppers in tat store but I am a regular customer. I will rethink where I shop from now on. I spoke with the manager about the problem and she didn't seem too care. She was willing to have it shipped in next week but I needed it so I will find it in another store that is more considerate./
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Jamal Da Man

I have been with multiple grocers for over 20 years, nobody buys that *** it goes out of date or gets reduced to near nothing to get rid of it! Wait that must be the ploy of this guy to get it all reduced to dirt cheap so he can pinch a few more pennies


first of all your "need" is actually a want, due to the fact your faith (and there is nothing wrong with that faith) is entirely your choice. and what makes you so special that this store must order a product that is not a mainstay item, and then throw away the excess. every publix i've ever been to has had plenty of food related to your faith.


I've worked at Publix for five years now. Of course we're going to run out of things, especially specialty items such as those for passover.

We may order some amount, but it depends ultimately on what the warehouse sends us. Which may be wayyy less than what we order. And when the heck did you shop? You need to think ahead, of course people are going to pull things off the shelf, especially for a major holiday.

Did you check the ethnic section of the store as well? Passover supplies are always ALWAYS in more than one place.

As for the manager, *** happens, sorry to say it, but her life doesn't revolve around the customer who is pissed off because they came at the last minute to buy something fo ra major holiday.


Who cares how often you shop there and maybe the reason why the disply was a mess is because when you coustmers put something back on the shelf you put it any old where instead of putting it back neatly, after one of us JUST gets done blocking the store. you are not special shop somewhere else if you don't like it and the reason why the manager seemed to not care is probably because she couldnt give a hoot less. her life doesnt revolve around you.


You're ridiculous...When did you shop? The first night of Passover? Please!

Like the other comments said, it's impossible for ANY grocery store to keep it's shelves stocked for specific holiday products...

Did you ever stop to think that because Easter came after Passover this year, nobody had purchased their products for Easter yet, hence the availability and full shelves of all of those products? No, you didn't...Think before you write...

I'm going to start a site for *** customers...


BOO HOO You cry baby. Is that the only store around you? So go somewhere else.


There's a lot of people who think just because they are regular customers we HAVE to please u with whatever u want whenever u want it. And yea if the display was empty was because some people aren't lazy to go buy at the last minute like you and if u couldn't find easily this display whatt? Publix now has to ask customers where they want the displays or what?


Specialty and seasonal items come in limited quantities before the holiday and seasons. Each store receives a limited quantity, and they can order more, but only upon request. The limited quantity sent to each store is based on the sales for each product from the sales of said product from the year before.

Publix can't be expected to stock a large aisle or display of a product marketed to a specific minority group for a week a year.

If you had planned ahead for your purchases, they would have been able to accommodate you, including specially ordering whatever product you'd like.

The bottom line is this: Publix is a business, and they can't lose money ordering all this specialty product, just to discount it for close to nothing, keep it for an indefinite amount of time in the storeroom, or to eventually throw it away.

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I have always shopped at Publix and am a loyal customer, but recently, their prices are getting outrageous! $9.99/lb for skirt steak while BJ's sells it for $6.99! Landolakes half and half - $2.49 at Publix, $1.99 at BJ's. I do expect there to be higher prices at...
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BJ's now has skirt steak at $10 a lb!!

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my grandson went to the store with me to pick up some things. he has down syndrome,and he goes to school where he was taught to put all things he gets from the store must be put into bags before he goes out of the store, when this lady told me she was not going to put...
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Why would you pick on this lady? What if it was your grandmother?

Maybe it will be you in a few years. Have you seen the way Publix bags their groceries? They place only 1 or 2 items in a bag anyway so why couldn't they do that for this woman's grandson?

And how do you know she doesn't recycle the bags? You people must work at Publix.

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Publix in Reston, Virginia - Cashier pushed customer out of line over penny

Customer ahead of me allowed to have sale item without cupon. I was not allowed to have a one cent box of crackers and when I protested the casher pushed my buggy holding $60 worth of grocers out of line and all the way to customer service.I was embarrased and in no mood to be patronized by Gary the manager. I don't have to have the old stale (one cent) crackers but did expect some reason from the employees. I will do all I can to let others know of this unkind treatment in Publix, Phenix City, AL.
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Why does this *** from Reston VA keep posting so many lies?


WOw youre a total and complete ***. Should've have punched you in your face. Grow a pair ***

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you might want to ask your employees if they have a my space page. After looking at a my space of employee in Estero, Fl. store (works in deli) she complains about working at Publix and also of her Husband beating her. Go to You tube, Bonita springs florida, welcome...
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You are both ***. I work for Publix, in the deli.

Until you have worked that job, and I mean really worked for several years, you have no freaking clue what it is like. The CUSTOMERS are rude. The deli clerks are treated like animals and worse. I have been cussed out over an onion being cut the wrong way.

And if you have a problem with immigrants take it to you local politician not Publix. Grow the heck up! Also, if Publix really cared so much more about the mighty dollar versus the customer they wouldn't give *** away from free when you *** complain about *** stuff. I mean seriously!

You wanna know why Publix is so darn expensive? It's because *** like youy complain about EVERYTHING and get *** for free. That means our shrink (inventory loss for you *** who have never held a retail job before) goes way up. When shrink goes up prices go up, our wages go down.

You want to be treated with kindness?

Try treating the people who make your darn food with some kindness and maybe you will earn it in return! :(

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Contact Publix Customer Service

Mailing Address:
Publix Super Markets, Inc.
3300 Publix Corporate Parkway
Lakeland, Florida 33811
United States
(800) 242-1227
All Publix Contacts

Working for publix with a disability

I work at 498 and I have Cerebral Palsy and am picked on and made fun at and I tell managers and they do nothing I went to hr and now I'm getting suspension for little stuff like today it was talking or being disrespectful my speech is not all that good so customers cant always under stand me and complaints on me and I get wrote up saying I'm rude hr cant seem to help me so is there anything I can do other then quit ? my manager is deanne smith she cares about no one i need help
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The administrators at Pissed Consumer may or may not allow me to get you in contact with my two attorneys(a side note to the people at PC, it was only a mater of time when I got a second attorney), which brings to you the person that has cerebral palsy. I cannot guarantee that either of the attorneys will talk to you to see if you have a case.

But if you go to my blog which and look at my reviews for Publix then you can contact me back via that method.

Now this is for the administrators at PC, please f with me and not let this get posted as I keep every form of communique and I would love to not see this comment posted on your site which is a form of disability discrimination so I can post what I just wrote to my site which BTW Cerebral Palsy lady/guy the encryption protocols at Pissed Consumer unlike my blog are non-existent . In plain words someone already hacked their site and impersonated me.


My blog is

First Born Triplet

Well if what anonymous is saying is true putting your manager's first and last name is not bright, even if you are the honest one still not a good idea. Just see if you can get someone to speak for you.

Like report it until they fix the problem. Same thing happened to this disabled worker at Walmart, she was constantly harassed by her co worker. She reported it nothing was done. Other people reported what they saw customers saw her being bullied and he was disciplined because they made a big stink about it.

Unfortunately the matter had to be brought to the police because he threatened to have his daughter make false claims about sexual abuse to any one that stood up to him. He was harassing her for little things like demanding she show him her hands every time she uses the washroom, telling her what to eat, threatening to report her to the government for fraud because she claimed she knows how to read and cook despite being disabled, telling everyone she is stealing from the government and is not really disabled (she does not get money from the government He claimed she is pretending to be disabled to get money from them because if she knows how to read and cook she does not really have down syndrome. Just keep reporting to higher ups. Make a scene if you are being discriminated against when working, (this person I talked about did and he tried to get rid of her once customers saw he was harassing and discriminating against her.

Then he kept following her around unfortunately and lied but people backed her up since there was proof. Just make a scene so people around you know that you are being bullied and discriminated against at that time, that way you have witnesses.


You should be ashamed of yourself, using your disability to hide behind being rude to people. For those of you that sympathise with this person it turned out she kept using her disability to not have to follow the rules, claimed that other employees were harassing her because she is disabled.

Of course she deleted those comments to make herself look like the victim. Basically she was one of the co workers complained that she called them *** over an argument and then when she was written up over it she used the disability card.

As for the mother of the GROWN MAN with aspburger, it has nothing to do with his disability that he is not getting promoted, more likely because mommy still fights his own battles. He needs to be independent to get a promotion, not having mommy yell at the manager everytime things don't go his way.


You are misinformed Anonymous May 01, 2014 lady, Aspergers is one of the classifications I have from Social Security Disability and it is far from an excuse.

And the as far as being I quote you "You should be ashamed of yourself" you are the one of all people if your son truly has Aspergers that should be ashamed as anybody that has a mental disability should not be treated any less respectfully as one that has a physical disability. That is why the ADA is there to give equality to all people including those with disabilities. The only reason that I do not copy your whole response and make an entry on my blog for your stupidity on the subject is that you have a son that allegedly has Aspergers.


You must not have the ability to access Lexis Nexis @ LexisNexis® Legal Newsroom.

When you do go ahead and read what is written. I have access and I will provide you with it "Concerned in the ATL" as it will open your eyes to what is being taken care of but until you voluntarily identify yourself without my firm subpoenaing Pissed off Consumer dot com to cough up who you are, I will be glad to let you in on what is going on.


If you are still working for Publix or not, read my take on Publix and contact me back at the number that is in the letter.

There is a potential chance that we can show a pattern to a lawyer about disability discrimination. Plus since these comments are public record on this site for any to see what I am about to say is not directed at you but all of people that think that Publix is made up of all good people.

Publix like other companies are made up of just that "people", all with individual opinions and thoughts on what makes up a disability. They do not have the right even though they are American citizens to outwardly disbelieve in the Americans with Disabilities Act by vocalizing any comments toward you.

If you think that you have a right to say hateful things towards a caste of society then identify who you are on this site. Go on record, a record that will come back to legally haunt you, and say you have the right even in innuendo to make jokes or comments toward people with disabilities to their face or in effigy.

Those people including the manager that you talked about who have things to say to you do have the right to think anything that they want, but legally it is considered a potential hate crime and disability discrimination if they say anything publicly to you.

Those people all talk big about they can say anything that want concerning this matter but the courts will be the ones that bend them over.


Has your case been picked up by the media yet, Ibelieve?


Making any headway in the courts?

@***cerned in the ATL

yes and btw concerned in the atl all of your responses to me now are on my blogs entry just for you. What you thought that your ip address was protected and that anybody couldn't copy what you sent me.

Wow you really are that dumb.

As for the media you were partially right until I had my blog, no one picked up the story.

Now the blog is the story.


:( my son has worked for Publix 14 years and has been asking for full time position for many years....they gave the fulltime position to someone with less years experience!!! My son has worked all departments of Publix except management.

He has Aspergers but does not use this to obtain preferential treatment, however does except to be treated fairly and be given the opportunity to apply for fulltime....I feel my son is discriminated for his disability and until we obtained medical documentation stating that my son had Aspergers he was being written up for nothing and it was rediculous. I support my son but Publix is in for a rude awakening as I am going to the EEOC , to see what they have to say and see if my son has a case.


First of all - HR works for Publix to try to get RID of "problem employees." I am disabled as well, so I know. Do not trust HR - ever.

Go the the EEOC and file formal charges of discrimination before they fire you.

Write your case up and take it to the Department of Labor.

Go to a labor lawyer and get advice on ADA violations / Discrimination. Have them consider writing the case up and ask whether or not to have you family put the EEOC charges of Discrimination into the newspaper.

@EEOC Girl

My personal experience with the EEOC (in Tampa, Florida) on issues of discrimination in the workplace is that they don't care. My EEOC case worker initially misquoted their own laws to me, and it wasn't until I sent him a copy of those laws contradicting what he told me that he actually did anything about it.

Even then, the "investigation" amounted to getting my initial complaint, allowing Target in Clearwater, Florida about a month or two to give their list of lies and denials in response, and then giving me 10 days to send him "evidence" of my claims (which obviously would have been in the possession of Target). Before I could even get my response to him, I got a letter telling me he'd closed the case.

Worthless. Just another government agency that wants to sit on their hands and do nothing but collect a paycheck while they claim they care about the rights of disabled workers.

@EEOC Girl

No discrimination here, just someone using their disability to get by breaking the rules. No different than playing the race card to get your way.

Someone who wants preferred treatment because they are disabled. But getting preferred treatment is also discrimination, in their benefit.


Inappropriate verbal behavior is the disability.


Deanne Smith does care. I worked with her longer than you ever have and she has helped me out so much. Idk who the *** you are but you're certainly not telling the truth about Deanne.


The way the people were making fun of you is not nice, but you obviously think that because you have Cerebral Palsy you don't have to follow the rules. You probably thought you could get away with things because you have Cerebral Palsy, probably thought they would feel sorry for you and let things slide.

Quit using your disability to get your way.

If you want people to not feel sorry for you stop using your disability as an excuse to get what you want. To make people pity you.

Kris, the reasons your managers are supportive is because you don't user your disability to score pity points.


That is why they call it Reasonable Accommodation. Be cause many rules do have to be adapted to the people with disabilities. Reasonable Accommodation is not left open for interpretation by the company.


i work in store 139 with a mental disability, my managers over the past five years have been nothing but supportive and seem to obviously care about my well being. Prior to becoming disabled i was a Licensed social worker for 15 years... therefore, I have a keene knowledge of people and my managers are extremely caring human beings...PT stock clerk 139


"My store manager didn't look at that possibility of being bullied, but instead chose her favorites,"

Sounds to me that the workers at Publix need a labor union to put a stop to these abuses.


I'm so sorry to hear that. I have a very similar situation.

Co-workers chat about me because I am very quiet, they laugh and make fun. I am so stressed out, I end up rolling my eyes and when a customer come through the checkout lane, they think I am pissed at them, and report me to the Store Manager. This happened ten times in 3 weeks. I was threatened to be demoted from cashier to bagger, even possibly termination if I don't stop "treating the customers badly"...this was not directed at ALL to the customers.

I have been with Publix for 3 years, dealt with many characters coming through the line and was still professional. My store manager didn't look at that possibility of being bullied, but instead chose her favorites, and decided being superficial was more important that being professional. So after that threat, I realized the Manager didn't care about how valuable I am, so I resigned. My last day was a few days ago..and now I am searching for a new job.

Workplace bullies are no good. They should be fired, maybe even taken to court.

I'd transfer or quit. Good Luck

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