Crestview, Florida

I cash my payroll check each payday at Publix in Crestview. I really enjoy shopping here because most of the employees are friendly and seem to love their jobs, however on more than both hand count I keep encountering a rude dark black hair, Asian or Hispanic customer service counter worker that is always very rude to me.

She doesn't treat others (esp. Spanish speaking persons this way) only me. She makes me feel like I'm a bother to her and she always comments on oh we may not have the money for this check even when others with a larger amount are in the same line. I refuse to complain to management because I'm afraid it would just make it worse.

I don't think that job suits her and she acts like she's doing me a favor just talking to me.

I'm just your everyday person.

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You should definately bring this to a managers attention immediately. This type of behavior coming from a Publix employee is not acceptable. A customer should never feel this way in one of our stores.

I'm very sorry about your experience and hope that you take the time to speak with someone in a higher level position than this custoemr service staffer.

Publix takes our customers happiness very seriously.

Thank you so much for bring your business to our company. I hope this situation can be resolved and you continue your patronage.


Complaints like these get to me. Situations like that don't just randomly happen.

Either your story is false or you are leaving something out. People who have their jobs at stake don't just wake up and decide they want to discriminate on one particular person today who has done absolutely nothing but be pleasant to them.


Interesting, I have lived in that city for 5 years and shop there, and I have never seen anyone that matches that description, and I know all of them very well. I think you are lying to cause trouble for the store, and that's sad.

Get a life. And if you do have a LEGIT problem, speak to the manager, don't spew your one-sided BS on a website.


How do you KNOW that others there are cashing larger checks??

Do you *really* camp out there long enough to observe her with many, many diff. people??

Go to the Clue Store and buy a clue... you are clearly a disturbed person... You complain here but are "afraid" of her?? What a CRETIN. Folks like you are the reason why some folks DON'T have kids; they don't want to subject the rest of society to potential f**k-ups like YOU.


order a bunch of publix subs then tell the cashier if she don't have the money to cash you sheck she can keep the subs and walk out.


I would have to recommend against "cursing out" the Customer Service Staff. That is an easy way to get yourself removed from a building or arrested.(I would personally "remove" you AND have you arrested.) Even if no charges are filed, it's enough to ruin your day.

I also find it interesting that you have observed (stalked) this associate to the point of knowing how she treats EVERY other customer. You need to get some serious psychiatric help.


Curse that *** out the next time you go there and give her a nervous breakdown. Bust a *** master move on her and make her run out of the store crying.

You will get your satisfaction I guarantee it. I always get mine !


publix charges to cash checks so they are more then happy to cash your payroll,this person needs to be reported,i shop publix all the time and they are to friendly,the lady needs to be fired,, your fired ! go home!


Please report this individual to a manager. Publix is founded on customer service, It tries very hard to keep it that way.

We cannot always know how our employees treat customers; and rely on customers to let us know there is a problem in these extreme cases. We would love to make your shopping experience better, and sorry that you have had a bad experience with this person.


Why do you cash your payroll check with a place that employs someone that treats your rude?? You should stop being such a coward and report this person to the manager.

If I were you, I would shop elsewhere and cash my check at a bank or credit union.

Open an account there instead of using this drug store as your personal bank. Obviously, this employee thinks you are only using this place of business as your personal bank and is annoyed by you cashing your check there.