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I work for a company that has a lot of intercompany reimbursement activities. Lately, I have been receiving grocery receipts from Publix billed to the main company credit card account.

I hold these receipts until I get the credit card statement then I bill out to various departments the amounts they need to pay. However, in the last couple of months or so, the ink on the receipts vanishes!

I have a blank receipt with no information or proof of purchase making it impossible for me to bill out the amounts due. To remedy that , I will now have to make a copy of the Publix receipt as soon as I get it before all of the information and amounts on it vanishes like magic!

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even if you dont have a receipt it is Publix's company policy to refund it. That's the Publix guarantee.

so customers who complain honestly don't know that fun fact. if its over 5 it must be put on a giftcard though.


The reason that happens with receipts is that Publix (and about 98% of all retailers) use thermal receipt printers so people like you who like to complain can get in and out of line faster. Seriously, the printers Publix (and many other retailers use) are about 500% faster than standard ink ribbon printers which were more common just 10 years ago.

That was a huge reason why Publix put in the new checkouts a few years ago- to get people in and out of line quicker.

However, I found if you store receipts away from heat and humidity, that can help take care of the problem.

Or better yet, there are receipt scanners available where you can scan receipts into your computer and store them electronically. That would probably be the best solution.


I really hate to see what has become of Publix and their treatment of their employees. George Jenkins is rolling over in his grave!!!! I am taking my business elsewhere.