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I have been employed for 35 years publix. I see the company going in the wrong direction people that are running this company sucks!!

Todd Jones ceo and our soon new president Kevin Murphy is an ***!!! Publix stock has gone down three times in a row unacceptable for stockholders!! They don't care about are people we are losing great associates and managers every day and they don't give a ***!! These high-officials need to get in the stores and see what it's like at store level!!

In our competition is beating us with pricing! All they care about is a profit! I guess 12 billion in the reserves is not going enough! These hi officials have no clue what's going on in the stores!

Enough is enough!

They have a lot of explaining to do about the stock decrease it's never gone down three times and publix this is unacceptable as a stockholder! I don't think Todd Johnson is ready for CEO what was the Board of Directors thinking!

Reason of review: Stockholders.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Not surprising. These people are just plain dumb


Upper management doesnt care about anything but their bonuses and dividend checks. Anyone and anything else doesnt matter to them. The funny thing about it is what are they going to do when they can't get anyone to work for them?


I can see Publix stock going down in price to being worth pannies and publix going bankrupt.


The higher ups better wake up soon, cause the competition is heating up and bashing winn dixie and walmart is not going to cut it anymore, in a few years Wal-Mart and Winn Dixie will have the last laugh at Publix expense, when Publix stock is only worth pennies a share and publix starts closing stores.


Management at Publix does not care, they think Winn Dixie from their pre bankruptcy days are still the only competition Publix has. The funny thing is other very well run grocery chains are moving into Publix territorry, and Winn Dixie has cleaned up their acts quite a bit, so Publix is becoming a laughing stock in the grocery industry.


Thanks to trader joes, aldi, lucky, sprouts and others for coming into florida, so shoppers have other choices other than publix. Keep building new stores and give Publix more competition. The people of florida deserve better than publix.


Publix new theme song is "The heat is on" sung by Glenn frey.more competition for Publix coming into florida and other states in the southeast,more choices for consumers. Publix high prices won't help either. The heat is on for Publix and is only going to get even hotter


There is a new Wal-Mart neighborhood store that just opened in sarasota, florida. If i were a Publix employee, i would be ashamed to say so, the new Wal-Mart is far better than anything Publix has.

Keep putting down winn dixie all you Publix employees cause your beloved publix is heading in the same direction, so what are you all going to do then? If i were a Publix employees I would start thinking about, the heat is on and is going to get even hotter


Upper management is still fixated on winn dixie, and trying to put the smackdown on winn dixie. Time for some new material publix upper management, people are starting to get wise to publix, where shopping and working is not a pleasure.


Lets see how upper management reacts when krogers comes to florida and has a union for the employees, goodbye publix part timers, i have worked at publix and another supermarket that has the same union as krogers. If i had to pick between publix and kroger, i would not even think of working at publix. The union supermarkets have far superior pay and benefits than publix.


Totally agree. Today a great grocery manager for 12 years,just walked out.

Our Deli Manager stepped down, associates who have been with Publix for years are leaving.

Store managers are micro managing and timing scan price clerks while hanging thousands of tags alone. Everything is out of control!!!


I know of people who work at various Publix in the Birmingham area and Jefferson County. Which Publix are you talking about?


Very true!! Its called greed.

So disappointed with Publix. Might be a pleasure shopping...not working.


Thats right it is greed, they keep justifying publix high prices by bashing walmart and winn dixie. Guess what publix upper management, its time for some new material. High prices and publix obsession with bashing winn dixie and walmart is whats going to do publix in, since there are other chains coming into florida, so keep it up and when you see your business disappear, you wont be able to blame winn dixie or walmart, so ha ha ha


I agree 100%. They don't give enough hours to work with and that means we work our *** off while they sit up there and collect millions a year.

Shame on you!!

You care about your people...not!


I agree, upper management should be ashamed, they are ruining the company and the associates are the ones getting shafted.


What you are describing has been going on with Publix since the recession hit and is starting to catch up to Publix. Things are only going to get worse and anyone who thinks Publix is untouchable is out of touch.


I totally agree with you. And thanks for seeing what a lot of other people see.