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I helped a friend by picking up his scripts (Roger Wood) . He dropped scripts off an went home at noon.

he was told it would be 15 to 20 minutes before scripts we`re filled. I Elaine Hayes went back for them at 1:40pm. The laddy at the window said yes, I said I`m here to pick up a friends script. She said name.

I told her Roger Wood, she said we`re the scripts filled today? I said yes right after his doctors appointment. I told her who ever was here said they`ed be done in 15 to 20minutes. She said Well mam WE ARE VERY BUSY AN CAN ONLY DO SO MUCH, I`LL DO THE SCRIPT NOW.

She came back 10 minutes later slams the bag on the counter an says I need a address. I told her then she rudelly says have a good day, I told her I hope hers gets better. I proceeded to the front of the store, did`nt see anyone I could talk to, so I looked at the pictures of who the store mgr is. Jean Auedre, @ st.#0755.

The script was filled @ 14:13 on12/9/2011. Mr. Wood did ask me to pick up a few things, after that treatment I left an went some where FRIENDLY Winn Dixie to get his groceries. I realize this is the holiday season, an we are all busy.

Take time to be friendly to your consumer, Remember if it was`nt for us consumers you would be out of bussiness. Also the haunting ole saying I will tell 10 people an they`ll tell 10 an on an on.

The first person i told my friend, an she said her sister always gets treated like that at your pharmacy that`s why she never goes there. Thank You For Your Time Sincerly Elaine Hayes e-mail address elainedolphin1@yahoo.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Prescription Refill.

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Winn Dixie was friendlier than Publix? LOL.

We must have different opinions on service... And cleanliness for that matter.