After being a steady customer for many years, the pharmacist, with no knowledge of my surgical or medical history, believes he is the final authority to determine which patients are allowed to get their prescriptions filled. They make excuses such as, don't have any, don't know when we'll get any, but a return trip with a different pharmacist on duty and it might get filled with no problem.

It's almost like they expect you to give them a bribe in order to get them to do their job. Some prescriptions need to filled in a timely fashion every month or tragic consequences can be the result. They show no concern for the welfare of the patients that depend on their horrible service.

They don't care if you live or die. I will never use Publix again.

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Not to sound critical but could it be because your insurance won't pay for these medications and you don't want to pay out of pockets for them. This issue happened to me and a pharmacist (it wasn't Publix) told me the doctor didn't order the medications.

Turns out the insurance company wasn't going to pay for the medications and they didn't know how I was going to react. Calling the pharmacy first is always the best idea.


South Florida Ave in Lakeland is the same way.


Kevin Richards I believe this person because it is happening everywhere.Just look at some of the other pharamacy complaints on this site.Pharmacists have been refusing to give people who are dying of cancer their meds.It is so sad this is the future of healthcare and its only gonna get worse.


Nice review but it is apparent you got fired them and this is all fake.