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I have bee shopping at publix in citrus hills shopping center 2685 n forest ridge blvd. in Hernando fl.

almost every other day I go in to shop. There's always meat that is left in places where customer just decide to leave it, ie deli, shelves, ice cream cooler and milk areas. I have reported this several times to the manager due to infectious concern. But manager doesn't seem to care.

I like to report it in another way? Who can I do this?

Or does this posting would help. I would like to know.

Can someone help?

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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What exactly did/do you want the manager to do? It's not as if it is his employees leaving the food in all those places, it is customers.

I suppose he could hire a bunch of people to follow each and every customer to make sure they don't leave anything where it doesn't belong. (NOT)As others have stated, every store has a process for disposing of items left around the store where food safety issues apply, what more do you want?


How would you know whether the manager cares or not? Are you a psychic?

How is the manager supposed to stop customers from ditching things?

As long as the store disposes of product that has been left out of refrigeration too long, you need to worry about other things, such as going to night school and learning something about grammar.


I have worked for publix for 9years, you need to contact the district manager, about this. Cuz I know in my store if we have people that leave lunch meats and things laying around and we it comes back to us in the (deli) it is automatically damaged, due to temp's and we dont want to take the risk of someone getting sick.

But being you already went to the manager at that store and he/she never did anything about it you really should contact the district manager, then things will get done that right way.


I have work for Publix for the last six years. five of those years has been in the meat department.

when meat is returned to the department that has been left on the shelves of the grocery department we throw them away. We never never put it back in the meat case for customers to buy.


Why are you upset with the manager? You talk as if the manager is putting the meat out in the store.

I promise you the manager and the staff damage out all products like that. In fact if you take hot chicken from the deli, walk to the cashier, then decide you don't want it the chicken is damaged out because, the temperature and condition of the chicken can not be guaranteed.

The managers attitude is probably a result of frustration because all those damages come out of his and the rest of the staffs pocket!!!!!


Report that manager whom you say doesn't do anything about the damaged goods. He/she should not be in management!!!

Call Publix headquarters in Lakeland FL and you can file an anonymous complaint and they'll investigate it. He/she''s making the entire company look bad.


I work for Publix and here's how it works in my store -- anything thar requires refrigeration and has been left out is automatically "damaged." Publix and any other decent grocery store would never sell meat that might make somebody sick. Get real.

Note to consumers who do this -- you're just jacking up the prices for everyone as somebody has to pay for these "losses." How hard is it to give it to the cashier or bagger and say "I've changed my mind?!?" It's pure laziness and inconsideration.


Grocery stores do not have the manpower to pick up after piggy shoppers.

Most grocery stores employ a full time stock crew of usually 4 or 5 guys who are tasked with facing shelves, re-shelving and inventorying. These 4 or 5 guys have to also chase after the 500-1000 customers who walk through the door and decide to place items wherever they want.

The only thing the manager can do is hire more people, however that would translate into higher prices.