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I was employed by Publix Super Markets in the early 70's. While working for them in their warehouse I was injured and hurt my back. The company doctor said and insisted I had a sprained back and put me on light duty for 1 week. After a week had passed I felt no better and returned to the doctor once again and once again was told that it was a simple sprain. I found that while you are able bodied at the warehouse, management was fairly nice to you. Once you were injured you became a employee who was distanced bye management.

I proceeded to work injured and finally collapsed one day on the job. I decided to go to my own doctor and was then referred to a neurosurgeon. Upon doing so and after extensive testing in and out of the hospital They found deterioration of the spine and surgery was a necessity. Once the management of Publix was notified they wouldn't give me the right time of day. While I laid in the hospital I never got so much as a card or a visit from any supervisors at any time. An injured employee is treated like vermin. Unless the company has changed and I doubt seriously they have, I would not recommend working for them.

I am now 72 years old and had three surgeries on my back because of the injury sustained. I have lived with pain on a daily bases since getting hurt.

Publix is called a great southern Baptist operation but they failed to recognise the people that made them what they are today, a very lucrative company.

They have no compassion for employees but do have a great love for a exorbitant profit.

After the family took over operations from Mr. Jenkins the store no longer stayed closed on Sunday and operates 7 days a week. So much for the great southern Baptist organization they profess to be.

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I work at 617 in Watkinsville and have filed at least three incident reports when I sustained injuries on the job. Each time I was treated with the utmost concern for my safety.

I was covered by workers comp with no harassment from my bosses, and was told to stay on the clock the time I had to leave work to go to the approved urgent care clinic for one of the injuries. In fact, we ge in trouble if we don't report an injury. Recently, an employee at 617 was out for months due to a pretty bad fracture, and he returned to his same hours, schedule and department and has been treated only with kindness and concern from management.

I can't fathom how any managers could get away with the stuff I've read on here, let alone why they chooseto act this way. I think all you guys should come work in Watkinsville.


The consensous with employees is that if you complain or report something at Publix, your days are numbered. That's why I choose to remain anonymous.


I curently work at one of the warehouses. I am apalled by the way Publix has chosen to operate their business and treat their employees. I have witnessed everything from racial discrimination to out right stupidity in the management.

If you are not one of the "clic" you are just a body that can be replaced, no matter how good of a job you do. People that are far more capable to perform a higher paying job are passed over in the name of "seniority". Then this person ends up getting fired for poor performance. Their "point" system is so outrageously unfair, their is no appeals process, what the supervisor decides is final, there should be an appeals process where other employees are involved in decided what punishment is approriate.

I also have witnessed instances of employees that were injured on the job being punished. Also the attitude of supervisors changes when you report an injury.

The people in charge are 25 to30 year employees and are more interested in their bonuses than the working people, who with todays economy are struggling just to make their house payment.

Publis is not a great place to work.


Just give me your email and I will send you a email get well soon card if it makes you feel better.


I am truely not at all surprised to learn of how you were treated by your supervisers. publix has over the years digressed into a corporate monster more interested with profits than it's people.

Mr. Jenkins would be ashamed of what his family has done and what his company has become.