Athens, Georgia

Shopping at Publix is no longer a pleasure for me. It was a disappointment when the dinner on Tuesday before Thanksgiving was discontinued.

It was the only jester I could view as customer appreciation even though you did not finance the entire affair. Now you have displayed a complete lack of consideration for your associated and customers when you transfered all of Woodlawn Publix management and brought in new management.I knew the management group as a person with an interest in making shopping a plesant experience. Now I am shopping with strangers. The practice of transfering employees like they were pawns is a less than sterling quality.

Since I am having to adjust to new management I will do it at Kroger. Betty Screeton

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Jamal Da Man

Your ignorant *** is why Publix stopped the "dinner" (Holiday Fest). its not a dinner its for you to walk through and get a small sample to entice you to purchase for your holiday meal.

It was not intended for you to come mooch a meal for your 6 kids because you irresponsibly spent your food stamps on snow crabs and ribeyes the day you got them! :(



Holiday Fest. It ought to be called Moocher Fest.

I work at Publix. Used to work in the deli. People would come back for seconds, thirds, even fourths! They think I won't recognize them out of the hundreds of piranha that swarm about.

It's especially infuriating hearing people tell their kids to go around a few more times because it was their dinner. Oh, and let's not forget the people who bring their own plates.


Holiday Fest is gone for good im afraid it cost over 15 million a year to put on that little 3 hour event we are not safe from economic cut backs and mangers get moved big deal they get promoted they get better stores and yes sometime they lose there job boo hoo


You do realize management has nothing to do with this dinner, right? And you do realize management gets transferred whether they like it or not?


What people don't understand is that all Pubix management teams are actually groups of skilled CIA operatives who work as a crew. Out of necessity, they are often transferred to other parts of the world, often as Best Buy Geek Squad/Underwater Destruction Crews or as Chili's Kitchen & Wait Staff/Guerrilla Combat Teams...But Shhhhhhhh...This is Top Secret...


They transfer management around the way they do in order to protect them from having to seriously answer for their actions . They keep these type of people in management BECAUSE these types of people have no feelings of empathy for people, and can take care of their dirty work for them.


The holiday fest will be back this year!!