Rockledge, Florida

This is sooo annoying! Cashiers chatting back and forth while scanning your items, and in the store where I shop it's 99% of the time in a foreign language.

Not just cashiers, either. I've seen managers and assistant managers actually blocking customers and their carts while they have a conversation about a sports event or goodness knows what. In the aisles it's usually stock clerks gossiping about other store personnel. The worst offenders are the managers, however.

At least get out of the way so we can leave the store after we've made it through the checkout lane!

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I am under the impression that Englsih is the foriegn at Publix in South FL. Most of the stores in Palm Beach County have very few English speakers--at least a thier first language. I grew up working in grocery stores, but I guess that is just one more job the Americans will not do any more, or so goes the accepted wisdom.


Well first off, where did you get that statistic you mentioned earlier, you know that 99% of the people are speaking a foreign language, did you really take the time to find that information out or are you just a *** *** that likes pulling information out of your ***? Secondly, do you really expect the employees to stand there the whole day and put up with *** costumers like you and on top of that they have to be your robotic slaves?if this is what you expect from them I can happily tell you that you are a true *** and you should really consider going home and *** yourself.


Except for Tasha. What does it matter what race the cashiers are.

The fact is it is rude to talk amongst yourselves no matter what race you are, and you cannot pinpoint it to one race you I have seen whites, blacks, hispanics do the same.

It all depands on themselves.

To "I agree" you have no right to bash Tasha for her comments when you have racial slurs in your next comment.


Tasha is white trash at best. She doesn't understand. Don't try to stoop to her level.


To Tasha.

Like I said I agree. They were ignoring the customer.

They never acknowledged the paying customer. What do you expect, they are black most likely. N1ggers. What do you expect.

They have no manners. I find the same deal with the employees at Alabama. It is not just Pulix, it is anywhere blacks are hired. I am not nosy as you claim Tasha.

You are the one who writes negative comments here. I understand no one wants to talk to you, but not everyone feels the same way.


Well you too are being nosy by doing the exact same things you accuse me of doing. The cashiers were scanning items while chatting.

Also she is nosy.

She has to listen in on their conversations. How would she know what they are talking about(sporting events) if she was not a busy body.


To Tasha! It doesn't matter what language they are speaking, they are ignoring the customer.

Just because no one wants to talk to YOU doesn't mean that other's feel the same way. A paying customer would at least like to be acknowledged. And by the way Tasha, YOU are the nosy one.

You never post anything helpful, you only read posts because you don't mind your own business and don't have a life. GET ONE!


Does it interfere with their work. I am sure that you would not be annoyed if they were speaking English.

You are just a busy body who wants to know what they are saying. You are nosy.

Mind your own Business. How do you even know what they are talking about if they are not talking in English>?


The employees do talk to each other and totally ignore the customer. Same deal in Alabama!


Get a life!!!


I have to agree with Baldy. The Jamaican nation has taken over in Florida, Miami and Lauderdale area.

Get out now and seal the boarder at Orlando!!

LoL ! :eek


You must shop at a South Florida Publix where Jamaican and Haitians work and shop?

Third world rules apply down there! Get out of South Florida while you can!! Don't forget to bring the flag with you!!