Tampa, Florida

We work at store #709,we're requesting the need for hand scanner's to save our back's and eye's.Also we need the bright spotlight light's we have (especially over the register's) to be removed.The glare from them is very bad and their really ruining all of our eye's.The customer's have complained about the bright light's to,many come in having to wear sunglasse's because their to bright.We have discussed this with management,but it hasn't been resolved yet,in the meantime,our eye's our getting worse.We can't afford to lose hour's or our eyesight because of this.Getting less harsh light's would benefit us all.We need this to be resolved a.s.a.p.

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Back to School omg marry me


Here's a little known fact:

Just because a word ends in the letter s does not mean it automatically gets an apostrophe before the s.

Hand scanners will not solve any of your issues as they are apparently derived from your mental illness.


There is a star near our planet. It is so bright!

I have complained to everyone about how bright it is! Something needs to be done about this as I can not afford sun glasses.


Don't let people know that you are sensitive to the light. First rule of Vampire club is you don't talk about Vampire club.