Thank You for making me feel so welccome in my new job.I haven't even been there 90 days and you are already wanting me to quit.

I will not let you get the best of me. Work hard and you to will be rewarded. I have the most respect for Ellie ( and Kim and Yoko and Ana ) she has made some great employees out of them. May you have half the work ethics she has.

Thank You Ellie for giving me a shot. What a great company to work for...( think about it) Peace be with you.


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Publix didn't find you.

you found Publix.

now get the f**k out jacka*s.

too many cry baby MF'ers.

if i had it my way i would fire 25% of you.

wait, since i would be the one hiring you and the rest of ppl like you wouldn't even get a chance.

after the first 5 minutes i can tell if you would be worth a sh*t.

Barry Budweiser


"Drama Queen" !!

Shut up and get to work!!!!!

Buffington Blowharder

Huff and Puff and Huff and Puff !!!

WTF is your point dude???

STFU and get to work!!!!

Be glad to have a job anywhere you "drama queen" !!


You must be very lazy and counter-productive for them to want you to quit. The fact is that 90 days is more than enough to see if an associate is going to work out. It would appear that you are seen as a lost cause and should quit immediately.

to Chris #591274

Everything this person is saying is true. The fact that you, a Publix employee, are attacking a complete stranger you know nothing about and not making a reasoned argument, shows exactly the kind of mentality this organization encourages.

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