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I was recently employed at Publix supermarket as a produce clerk. Over the course of my employment, my assistant produce manager would typically say to me in private, " Hey (my name), go *** a goat"

I eventually put my foot down with this guy and the company interpreted this as a threat on my part.

They suspended me for a day and invited me back the following day for a meeting. Upon arrival at Publix supermarket, store #--- they had 2 police cruisers outside the store. I entered the building, went upstairs and the store manager asked me to write a statement to what had happened on -/-/-. I completed the statement and he said I was terminated.

I thought that was it so I walked out to my car and began to drive off the premises. The police cars turned on their lights and blocked my exit from the parking lot. Of course my heart was pounding and I thought for a moment that I was in Nazi Germany or something. I rolled down my window and the police officer asked me for my I.D.

I asked the officer what was going on and he told me that I was trespassing. I didn't understand what he was talking about. They invited me to their store, terminated me, and then as I was leaving the store for good, they said I was trespassing on their premises.

What is this world coming to when you stand up for yourself, tell someone who is sexually harassing you and intimidating you to back off and in the end you look like the bad guy?. I talked with an HR guy the day before the meeting with the store manager and he said there was nothing he could do because my remark to the assistant store manager after his numerous remarks of "Hey (my name), go *** a goat" was considered threatening.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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Jamal Da Man

Who just randomly catches you in private and tells you to "go *** a goat" your rediculous


I have worked at store 663 for 6 years now and every year i have received a very good review Starting this year I was given a 99 for review and my hrs have been cut so bad i was put to 6hrs a week now I have not had any work for 3 weeks I believe that publix is trying very hard to get me to quit.but I think I will wait awhile longer not that it matters to them all they care about is the bonus at the end of the end.


I was a faithful customer for 35 years until I fall in the produce department in the Miami Shores Publix October 28, 2007. 2 empoyees witness the fall and help me up.

Rosa in the meat department who is still employed, and Conrado who is no longer working there.

I need to find Conrado so the we can get his disposition for trial. If you know him, please give him my phone number 786-499-6457


I'm looking for Conrado an ex-employee of miami shores publix who witnessed by slip and fall if any one know his full name and number please give him my email. Next time you may want to take pictures with your phone.

alice in wonderland

My deli manager was ***, and didn' want to hire me,but since I had a couple close friends in the store he did, but it was *** from day one. I worked in the deli, and helped out in he meat dept.after I saw them droping meat on the floor, then picking it up and wrapping, i began to complain.

so I got fired.I NEVER shop Publix if Ihave to drive 30 miles out of the way. :(


should have called the department of Labor for your state and the better buisnuess bureau.. you woulda got restitution from it, and you could have sued them for emotional distress.. depending on how long it's been, you might still be able to.