Naples, Florida

We complained to the Publix on Strand Blvd in Naples about not having #5 Seattle coffee

over 3 or 4 times in a month. They finally stocked it once and stopped with their next order

#5 coffee is French Roast which is popular with a lot of customers. The manager, Zakow, is unhelpful and downright snobby. If you complain he doesn't even respond.

The other day they were out of parsley. The vegetable manager blamed it on a restaurant. He also told a lady he didn't have what she wanted for a recipe and told her to go to another Publix.

They were out of Metamucil Clear and Natural. My wife had to go to a different store near work to buy it.

Thank goodness their is a Walmart Super Store and Target across the street from this store. They

are unhelpful, inconsiderate and incompetent.

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my apologies, the post was not about Lehigh. Furthermore, it's from Naples, which explains a lot.

They're snobs in Naples, they think every one should worship the ground they walk on. btw...

THERE is a Walmart across the street.


this is wrong. no target in lehigh. done and done.


Move from FL like I did and I promise you will miss Publix.


I shop at Publix in lehigh acres,the staff and management are great,ive had 2 small issues in the 3 years of going there each time the issue was rectified above and beyond what was needed.