Madison, Alabama
Not resolved

I have visited there Madison,Al. store on University Dr.

Several times and each time there assistant meat manager Ted Olmstead has been very rude when I asked him for something. He acts like he's about ready to explode with anger, they may have hired a protential cereal killer.I guess I pissed him off somehow, he gives me a dirty look each time I go In there.

Now He follows me around the store giving me dirty looks. What kind of employess do Publix hire? If he thinks I'm doing something lets go ahead and make an accursation then I can sue and get a check from Publix.

What can be done about this? This store is close to my home and I would like to keep shopping there.

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We all need each other it's a fact .Maybe customers are rude and your nice so he taking out on you store manager might be giving him problems .sorry for what happening they are part time employees that are scared how to pay bills extra We in general Need to love each other plus dog eat dog world


Stop acting like your gonna steal the meat and you wont get followed


You condescending *** that quibble over spelling are the kind of ***-offs that we find at Publix - I BET you are some of the ***-offs that work there!


Does he go around to the breakfast area and kill the cereal? Just for future reference, it is spelled 'serial'.


Those CEREAL killers are bad news!!


Not sure you can sue over an "accursation."


Learn to spell, ***!