Overland Park, Kansas
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Brought a dannon fruit on the bottom cup from publix today 8-15-2010, and when I opened the lid there were a roach on their. This needs to be addressed at once I am very disappointed with this brand item.

The expration date on the side of the product is September 10,2010 therefore it was still eatable not so after opening and finding a roach inside of it. I purchased the above item at the Publix on East Sunrise Blvd in Fortlauderdale Fla at around 4pm while shopping with my wife and children and they were also horrified by what they saw when I opened the lid.

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Laughing my *** off. xD


this guy is not telling the truth i promise


Why is this Publix's problem. you yourself said you found it when you "opened" the lid.

That means it did not happen at Publix but rather in the Dannon plant. Which I find highly doubtful.

I think you are trying to scam some money out of a big company. It won't work, these companies have teams of lawyers to deal with loser scamsters like you.