I was scheduled to close the deli after I finished my work and helped others I clocked out I am Four months pregnant closing is hard on me I was feeling dizzy and clocked out at 1038 the MIC ran in front of me and locked the door and yelled you aren't going anywhere, I called the cops.

The next day my manager told me that I lack leadership and obviously have no desire to be promoted. I later overheard the same manager tell a customer she will do everything in her power to have me fired even if it means tampering with my schedule.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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I would press charges on manager if she try to get you fired get all her money When your shift is done you clock out that it they might know when you come and go oais is the one that tell you when to come and go


You chose to be pregnant. Get over it.


Called the cops on the MIC? Did you ask the MIC if you could leave?

Did you tell the MIC you are feeling dizzy?

You can't just rush out the door early without being questioned, and that's with ANY retail/food service job.


I agree that there is a proper way to leave early. You can't in any company just "clock out" and leave because you are feeling dizzy.

Sit down and it certainly no one fault but your own that you are pregnant if you want to keep working no special provisions should be made. Getting pregnant is a choice you made and your employer should not get a poor or absent employee because of your choice.

For the record I do have 2 children and worked while I was pregnant.


Sounds to me like you tried to leave a shift early without gaining or even asking for permission from a manager.

Even if you have a good reason for having to leave a shift, you still have to inform people the right way.

And, to top it off, you called the cops on your MIC? Yikes. I wasn't there... (so obviously I don't know the details)... but there better have been plenty of sufficient reason for you to take such an extreme measure. If such a call was justified, perhaps you have a lawsuit on your hands.

Either way: you should probably update your resume. Sounds like you are going to be looking for a new job very soon.