Orlando, Florida

I would have to say that the dinners were a joke. They were improperly advertised as a heat an eat which it was not close to being and were badly put together low grade sides.

I would think a company like Publix would be ashamed to put their name on such a pile of garbage and will never waste my money on anything like this again.

Anyone could have wandered around the store and thrown things into a box,which is apperently all that was done here. At least they could have chosen a better stuffing (like Stove Top) or mashed potatoes.


Monetary Loss: $60.

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I worked in the Deli for 7 years. While I personally would never buy a turkey dinner, I also can cook.

If you consider what you get for the price, I think it is a fair deal. All of the contents only need heating up before serving. Does warming up a 14 lb turkey take a while? Ummm yeah.

Can you carve it before warming up and take half the time?

I don't recall seeing many things that you can just heat and serve for thanksgiving meals other than stuff on the frozen isle. And those still taste like ***. You should probably ask yourself if you really want to be serving mass produced cooked-frozen-thawed-heated food is something you want for Thanksgiving.

If you do, then that dinner isn't that bad. If not, then cook.


Well, finally some honest people in Jax -I had the same experience with the same conclusion never again will I order a "fully cooked" dinner from Publix- all I got for comments were comments on my stupidity for complaining-I just couldn't believe it


Yes, the sides were awful, cranberry orange relish was so sour, could not eat. Cobbler was taste less, dressing not great and gravy was awful. The only thing edible were the mashed potatoes...so frustrating that the turkey took 3 hours to warm up!!!