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My tongue hurts, the turkey that we purchased from Publix full cooked is extremely salty and full of pepper, not healthy for your heart , kidneys, and the rest of the human body. This turkey will go just to my trash can.

Hopefully the managers at Publix will read this review and change the habit to reload their food with salt. Big mistake to trust in Publix deli or bakery. I remember the time when I purchased a Key lime pay loaded with sugar.

I just returned it telling them that it was my mistake to purchase it from Publix. By today I have to start cooking.

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OMG!A key lime pie made with sugar? Really?

Sacrilege! Try a Kroger key lime pie,(eeewwww) and tell me they have not used sugar! I have made key lime pies from scratch and they are not as good as a Publix pie.

What did you expect? A pie made with 100% juice?