I've been at my location for almost 8 years (1113) and still am only part time. This first of all should be illegal. Full time SHOULD NOT be a promotion.

Second is the fact that if you have a problem, the managers will do nothing about it. complain and the most anyone will get is 'We'll take care of it' with no changes ever made. One manager named Benita Smith has a vendetta against nearly every employee .

She harasses everyone and no one really likes her. She will argue with other department managers over *** stuff IN FRONT OF CUSTOMERS. One employee was getting a drink and she harassed them, even though they got approval from a manager to do so, saying if they got it and brought it back with them they'd get a write-up.

The store manager is also very terrible, if you do something wrong you'll be the first to know. Do something extremely well, and you won't ever hear about it. They see to only give you 'meets expectations' even if your a model employee.

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I agree but you don't force people to do carryout that was change all you had to do was hold the cart ask would you like help out no they want you to go around the cart stand beside them where they pay there billion don't want employees beAccused of stealing


The phrase "It should be illegal for full time to be a promotion" is probably the lamest sounding thing I have ever heard. That only would make me black list you in any further considerations.

Publix is a private company.

If you do not like their practices, then work for another company. If you want to get ahead, you have to play the rules like everyone else before you. If you want to change the rules, you have to get head first to be able to do that!

Are you a model employee? Or do you only do what is expected of you?

Review your job class's performance factor definitions.

Your CSTL can get those for you if don't have a copy. Do you truly believe you meet the listed criteria under every factor for Role Model?

@Anonymous ACSM

Yet another mindless minion devoted to the almighty Publix. When you go into management does the company issue you a little golden statue of the great profit George Jenkins for you to pray to at various times throughout the day?


Of course you are a model employee. Why should it be illegal to have worked someplace for eight years and not be made full time?

Maybe the reason you don't get moved to full time is because you seem to have a lot of problems with management. Whining and complaining about minor things has never helped anybody get ahead. That being said any type of store that I am familiar with only needs a certain number of full time employees and most of them are in management and/or crew leader type positions. The people that are more willing to work various shifts, any day of the week, no matter what the occasion is, etc.

are the ones that are more apt to be moved up.


Have a sex day


Maybe you are not good enough to be full time