Birmingham, Alabama

I have close friends that work at publix and the store mangemant is not treating the workers fair, he's not paying them by what the chart states, if they're head of an department he's making them work in other department and and bringing people in off the streets giving them full time .The workers that have been in the store has worked over 3 or more years, he's giving his favorite employees full time. Why not the workers with the seniority.Publix policy is were working is a pleasure, but that's not true .Employees need to be paid for the job that the position they held,but not because your "my friend, im going to look out for you and give you more money" .They should go by the pay chart and treat the workers right.

he's also making workers step down to give his friends thrir job and the workers still have to train the thats not fair. You all needto do somethimg about it fast .

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Jamal Da Man

Maybe your "Friend" just sucks at his job? I have been with Publix for 20 years and 98% of the time the guy getting passed up for full time or not getting raises are because he has not earned them!


No manager can make you step down. They can use coersive practices to get u to want to step down.

They do this in depts sometimes. It has happened to me and others. They do this for as simple a thing not liking you. Good luck proving.

They always have a laundry list of complaints to back it up.

It doesnt mean any of it is truw. All they can really do is make you miserable.


What a great friend you are! If a Publix employee has a complaint about wages, hours, managers, or whatever it just takes one phone call and that number is posted in the employee lounge or by the time clock.

Since you don't work at Publix, you may not be aware of the many rules and regulations and assume that your friend is also unaware.

My advise to you is to let your friend fight his/her own battles and advise him/her to make that phone call.


Posted in every Publix breakroom is a phone number to call to address concerns of this matter.

Publix selects the best people for the job, regardless of how long someone has worked there.


Mind your business! You dont even work there. :p :p :p :p :p :p :p