Saint Petersburg, Florida
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Watched manager, lady with Terri on name tag, demoralize, humiliate a hard working employee in front of me and other customers. Young man was clearly trying to do a good job and was completely humiliated by her bullying, sarcastic, mean treatment of this apparently hard working individual.

I then saw this happen again with 2 other employees as I used to shop there 4-5 times a week.

I would have fired this manager immediately if she worked for me.

Poisoning moral by acting in this immature, demeaning fashion is not good for any business and reflects on the attitudes of all subordinates.

Clearly, Publix is aware of this manager's behavior. I refuse to go back and am now shopping at another location where management seems to be professional at helping and motivating employees to become better at what the do which reflects on the overall evironment of the store, elevating the shopping experience

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

Reason of review: Rude manager.

Publix Pros: Product is good.

Publix Cons: Management personnel.

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I work for Publix also in NC and that's how they treat associates. The DM's and other head honchos treat the employees like *** if they seeing you doing one thing out of their cultish rules even if you didn't know about the rule. They have no idea how to properly coach employees...Their approach is to belittle the employee......Pubilx sucks to work for!!!!


Maybe Publix is trying to beat WalMart at their own game by getting rid of the competition,Publix is trying to convince people they are upscale like whole foods but with a WalMart mentality. That's how you end up with managers like that.


Lots of women including men, They go on a power trip and look down on their employees , And the women are worse than men at publix, and lot of them are l,,esbians, they even had man who transgender himself. what kind of manager can this be for publix?