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My husband and I both have our perscriptions filled at Publix. Each time we pick up our medication, we always count the pills.

Everyone should, here is why. On a RX script for 30 pills, my husband only received 28. When we called the pharmacy back an hour later. We were treated like we were idiots and unable to count.

The assistant store manager had the nerve to ask my husband if he had taken any of the pills. Dah!!! When we told her no, she said, "well we don't think we mis-counted the pills". We then tried to speak to the store manager who was not there and got another assistant manager.

This manager told us she could not make the pharmacy do anything. Because it was a control substance, it was counted twice. Well guess what. At home, my husband and I each counted.

I guess they are to perfect to make a mistake. Even computers and machines make mistake.

But there is no accountability for human error at the publix pharmacy. We only asked for the 2 pills that were paid for but not received without success.

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There are no Publix Supermarkets in Illinois at this time


It happened to my moms pain meds a few times :( they steal it and resell it


Things like this can happen all the time. They hire inexpenerienced techs without giving them the proper and thorough training.

The tech can demonstrate eagerness to learn but the pharmacy managers expect them to jump on the wagon and do it all without help. The managers are the pharmacists, and they're supposed to be verifying each bottle to make sure it's correctly counted. The rule is that controls are counted twice which is *** because everything should be counted twice, however if you spend the extra time to count twice, you get docked for taking too long and scolded for productivity rate. It's more about how quickly you can get it out rather than the verification be about the safety of patients.

Most of the time, the techs do the work so the pharmacist sits on the phone and has an attitude if a tech tells them a patient needs counseling. Anytime that happens, the tech gets another ding for not "solving customer issues" themselves.