I was a loyal customer with Publix for 20 years because I thought that the stores were sanitary and cared about their customers. Until my 16 year old son bought a pub sub at the Vilano beach, florida location 1pm, 2-28-2021 from the deli.

He ate the first half then put the other half in the fridge. That night, within 2 hours of eating the second half of the sub. He started vomiting for 36 hours. He would heave 10 to 15 times every 15 minutes, hour after hour.

He missed 3 days of school. He had qualified for the florida state championships in wrestling on the 27th. When he went to compete at state one week later he was destroyed in 2 matches, he looked like a wet noodle.

To this day, he has not completely recovered from the pub sub ordeal.

So we met the assistant manager today. He had lots of apologies but only came up with 20.00 dollars., a gift card.

He would not even replace the money for the sub. How cheap is your organization? Its obvious that your company has little concern for the welfare of its loyal customers.

I will now do everything I can to inform by mouth and the internet everyone I can about Publix cheap responses after they almost killed you with contaminated food. Shame on you!

User's recommendation: stay away from publix.

Location: Saint Augustine, Florida

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