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I am a Publix employee who has recently hit my fifth yr. at this company.I wish to tell

you that what looks good on paper isn't always reality.While Publix has alot of great stores

with fantastic managment there are also some terrible ones.The worst ones are the high

volume stores(most popular).Management at high volume stores are allowed to run

their depts. like their own personal kingdom. I have witnessed

inappropriate behavior by management.Such as swearing at workers,intimidation(my boss

is notorious for this.) Refusal of a cost of living wages. As well disclosing private information

about employees to other employees for the sake of gossip.Every year we must do an anonymous

survey about whether we are happy with our company.During this survey we are

closely monitored by a h.r. worker. we are not treated fairly,we do not make top pay.

We are hindred by management from going to college or finding other employment so that our lives

are consumed by Publix. I am only telling the truth about my company where one can only succeed if they are family or favorite.

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Well ive been in publix for a month now and the ppl are just so friendly , really helpful,and funny feels like a family in the meat department and planning to learn and make my way up


The real truth about promotion is how you perform,(1-pull your pants down and do what your manager tells you to do,(2- and if you perform on manager make sure you swallow,(3- do not scream that is a no-no(4-and do not show and tell,


The OP has a couple of valid points, in high volume stores, the managers are permitted to run it as their own personal kingdoms.

The upper management including DM's and often the HR rep, are party to covering up the corruption. The Miami division is particularly well-known for this since "they contribute 60% of the company sales"

I have never heard of an HR rep watching an employee take the AVS but I have heard of department managers hovering around or random employees hanging around in the room that normally wouldn't be there.

I know of stores where the manager had extremely low scores yet the follow-up consisted of HR rep speaking to said manager for a few minutes and leaving without asking any employees about it.

Sexual harassment or discrimination is rampant because the DM and HR reps work together to ensure the status quo is maintained. Kinda funny to see how fast it all changes if a competitor or another Publix opens near enough to affect sales- that same untouchable manager will retire within a year.


Publix Supermarkets is a Fantastic place to work.....If you are unhappy then get out.....nobody is forcing you to work there.....I have been with the company for five and a half years, and I love it......


Whether u r working Publix in Tx or Fl or TN or AL or where ever -- ONE THING is true...Publix is an abusive employer, chronic under-payer and a lying corporate entity who's time is coming to an end. Right now there are 100,000 part-timers that carry the company, and these folks are pissed...

Would you want your waiter at a restaurant PISSED at you as he/she was serving you food? Buyers and customers should think about this!


there are no publix's in the state of texas to begin with and I go to college and work full time at publix. your eligable for a quarter raise every six month. No one pays cost of living wages because the business would go out of business if it did, if your that unhappy get a new job simple as that :cry


"eligable" I hope you are in Spelling & Grammar classes. My company just gave all employees a cost of living raise.

All reputable companies give cost of living adjustments. Maybe Publix is not as good as you think :(


You can get more then a quarter raise.


I highly doubt there was anyone besides other associates "watching" you take the AVS. Since there are only 1 HR personnel per division, I can only imagine the amount of time it would take them to oversee all the AVS being given out the same week for all of the their stores.

If you are PT you have the ability to change when your available so you can go to college. Why would we have tuition reimbursement if we "hindered" you from going to school? Your pay is contingent on your evaluation.

If you are tardy or absent a lot it will effect it. If anything, talk to the store manager, if that doesn't work, call the PIP hotline.

@Can't Believe It

We have the same issues at our store in Naples Fl. Don't 'highly doubt' somthing you know nothing about.

I witness certain managers making employees cry or intimidating them with yelling or swearing at them. This isn't an isolated problem


What if your department manager is standing over your shoulder while you're filling out the survey?

I'm very glad that you've found some decent stores, but that's not always the case. And going up the "chain of command" is a complete waste of time.

You can forget about calling corporate. Unless it looks like a situation that would ruin their great "PR" corporate could honestly care less.


I have been with Publix for six years. I have had good times, and bad. I do have to say though that I never had an HR worker watching me, let alone in the store while taking the AVS.


I'm sorry you feel this way. I have worked for Publix for almost 7 years (since I was 15).

In that time I have worked at 4 different locations, including 2 different states and found that it depends on the store. While I have never had a problem with pay, some managers abuse their power. It is up to you to go up the chain of command and find a solution to your work environment.

If your store manager is not willing to help you resolve your problem, call corporate or HR. No one should be unhappy at their job.

Perhaps a store transfer would help you get a fresh look on things, or a different department.

Good luck.