The pictures are showing what I got with online order from Publix(Store #00525), lazy and rude employees gave me bad service.

All things happened after I have been mentioned by a Publix employee there is online order-in store pick up service available now.

With my first time online order, I received a stack of sliced meat, every single slice been sicked together just because they didn't put separating paper in between. I talked with their manager, a service lady said" she doesn't care if she got meat all stick together". she doesn't, but I do, I want a slice of meat, not a stack of meat. That day they sliced new one for me.

Week later, I thought they may not do the same thing again, so I placed another order on line, but the same thing happened again, whole 1/2 Lb of meet been sliced and placed back next each other, so I had a stack of meet without separating process again, there is no way to get single slice out of the stack of meat.I don't know what I can do with Publix(Store #00525).

Monetary Loss: $4.

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How picky can you be?If you don't specify how you want them to stack it, that's what you get.

So what?It doesn't spoil the meat and if you can't separate the slices by hand, you're just plain lazy.

Ocala, Florida, United States #941281

I work at publix. We are only supposed to put the papers in between the cheese. Maybe you should put in the special notes section that you want papers in between the meat.


Do you want someone to feed you the lunch meat too you lazy ***.

to Anonymous #904249

No she/he just wants someone that'll do their job.

to Anonymous #958555

These employees are doing their jobs, all the woman has to do is ask the employee to layer the meat the way she wants and they will do it for her. It's not the way it's done at Publix so she shouldn't expect it that way without telling them first. If she tells them and they still don't then she has a leg to stand on.

to Anonymous #1000402

Ik right.....can u imagine the amount of papers for a pound of hard salami?Ik they do it for some things , but not this!!

Not thin sliced meat in large quantities!!!He should request this , not expect it!!!!!!!


I was very angry when one of the replies made an anti jewish comment about your service expectation but from now on you should go into the store and order in person and supervise for the special treatment, Luv and not complain when an amazon order or store order comes back like that. I don't really people who order food on line and I am in favor of I store shopping as well as shopping day to day as in Europe and the bigger cities of the world. I loath the large sizes and the veggies in glassine caskets that pubix hawks under the guise that all of that land fill is more sanitary when in fact it is assisting in hurting our beloved Planet Earth!

to Doggie01 #981972

1-move to Europe. 2-shop somewhere else. 3-or die

Augusta, Georgia, United States #858781

Just a lazy *** wanting to get pissed over bull ***.I am a former Publix employee who worked in the deli, and separating the slices of meat wasn't a requirement, nor was it necessary 99% of the time.

The only meat I would separate was the liverwurst, which would stick together. I would separate the cheese slices though, unless the customer specified not to.

This *** should stop being lazy and actually go and place her order in person.There, she could ask to have her slices separated if she so desired.

to X-Employee #1008843

You r 100 correct.

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