Birmingham, Alabama
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today, I opened a sealed Publix Brand Peach Yogurt and there was a short black hair in it. My hair color is blonde.

I have 3 witnesses at work. If I take it back opened are they gonna believe me? Totally turned off of their yogurt for good. How do you report to headquarters?

As for having 100 words to report this - ridiculous - Why not just short and sweet? Well that's all I have to say. So to make this 100 words - Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

oops only 93 words. Happy New year to all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Yogurt.

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Well sorry that happened crazy things I get scared when people use those wipes and never through it away germ city and go around the store through it on the floor hope someone get sick or trips if you take orange juice with you don't drink and see what pop up and people not flush tolerate probably don't wash hands then leaving shut and pre on the kids gross it's your body waste clean it up.People on cell phones we don't need to hear your phone calls go somewhere and chat we eat go to movie we just want respectful we pay money as well


You should have askesd for the non-pubic hair yogurt.


it's is a policy at publix to refund your money with a smile if you are not satisfied.