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I went into Publix in the Venetian Isle Shopping Center located in Lighthouse Point, FL. I wanted to take advantage of your BOGO deals this week because you also included some great coupons in your game day flyer!

I was excited! While I was checking out I gave my coupons to the cashier and her facial expression immediately let me know that she was unhappy. She asked me "Why did you give me so many?" I responded "I bought 4 packaged of Oscar Myer lunch meat and gave you 1 coupon each. I also have 2 packs of velvet a cheese and 1 coupon for each, and four packs of hot dogs and 2 coupons for those." She proceeded to key them in and after she was done she asked if I would Ollie to donate to the special Olympics?

I told her I would not. She said " I just helped you with all of your coupons, but you can't help?!" I told her that I help everyday when I choose to shop at Publix instead of a competitor. She then said "I never in my life see anyone use coupon so much! We help you, but you no help!" I told her that the few coupons that I used were minimal to what I have witnessed and I should not be ridiculed by an employee for using coupons towards my purchase.

I was embarrassed as there was someone else in line behind me shaking her head. I simply left the store. But as soon as I arrived home I went on the internet to make a complaint. I feel that this was a very poor example of customer service.

I would never disrespect the elderly, but this senior citizen of Asian decent almost pushed me over the edge. Her name tag said *** and that is also what is on my receipt. It also says that the Store manager is Brian Paolini and I would like to know that some type of customer service training refresher will be made available to Ms.

*** if you will keep her as an employee. Ridiculous!

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Ok so you mean they treated you like Lakeland traveler trash? No they didn't I cant belive it! Oh yes I can they rip you off by over pricing then put everything has a bogo or buy one get one free coupons are a ponzi scam look up ponzi scam thats what publix does scam they have drones clipping coupon s to match all there sales so they hate it when you use them.


Ok I understand what your coming from but the donation are be force Upon cahier to ask every customer that why you see the paper you can decide if you want to donation tell the management team to there face case closed


There are an incentives for everything. Publix have contest within there districts to see who can raise the most money between stores.

The winning store/store manager gets recognition and sometimes "something special", if you know my drift. Within the store, cashiers also get incentives, like maybe a gift card. The money that Publix gets credit for donating to the Special Olympics or different charities isn't even their money, and the people collecting it actually got paid or kickbacks in one way or another. If Publix Corporation is such a great company, they should just cut a check from the 5-6 billion dollars in profit that they make every year and quit asking their customers and associates to donate.

They also use it as a tax write off, like they need it. So if you'd like to donate, donate your time to a local charity, buy food for your local humane society, or to your local small church (not the ones that are ran like a business and your pastor who drives a luxury vehicle).

By the way, there is nothing wrong or embarrassing about using coupons as long as you're abiding by all the rules and regulations.


Oh yea... Pissed consumer will take care off all your issues... Just wait by your mailbox for your $300 cash refund...


Who cares if someone was shaking their head. You can use however many coupons you have, tuff cra@p.

And as far as donating, it's a request to donate, not a requirement. Just saying.


Being this isn't the web site for Publix, nothing will be done about your complaint. This is a general complaint site.

Furthermore it is rude of you to indicate the cashier was older and Asian. You were excited because you had coupons----whoohoo!!! As far as the customer in back of you shaking shaking her head, did it occur to you that maybe she was shaking her head because you had so many coupons or because you were too cheap to donate a dollar to the Special Olympics(do you even know what the Special Olympics are.) NO, you don't help the Special Olympics by shopping at Publix. As far as that goes the lady in back of you could also have been shaking her head because you ere escalating the situation.

If you had kept your mouth shut you might not have been embarrassed. There are times it is smart to keep your mouth shut. I would never have felt embarrassed over such a small thing. NOW how did you get so many coupons for each item?

I have never seen more than one coupon in a flyer for each item.


I purchase 4 Sunday newspapers each week specifically for the coupons. I prefer to save as much as possible when I am shopping.

That is where I get the coupons. I am very. Aware of what the Special Olympics are. It is my option to donate each time I shop there, sometimes I will but not every visit.

Thanks for letting me know that nothing.

Will be done about my complaint here, I will be certain to complain directly to publix. :p


Do you really think that the person who wrote this complaint is going to answer your question after you just wrote that she should have kept her mouth shut?? Do you really think that she is going to tell you how she got so many coupons for each item??

Actually the person filing this complaint has a right to be upset. She should not have been treated poorly by the Publix employee!!