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Why do i hate publix?

Very easy and basic!

a) milk gets curdled before the expiration!! this happens so often! so many complains about this, and yet nothing they have done. I pay $3.5 and the milk gets bad. That is wrong!!!

b) and here is "Publix's #1 scam tool" which is not changing the price tags but making sure that the price is changed in the computer. They are just too smart and they believe that the customer will not catch what they do . Right? That's why they have those big signs saying "if we over charge, you get your full money back and product will be for free". They know that people don't check the receipt, so what the ***, lets not change the price tags. Or let me ask you this way ; "why do they NOT update the price tags first and then change the price in the computer?"

Basically i bought 8 bags of frozen veggies around 10 days ago (brand; eat smart or some brand like that) the price tag said "buy one get other for free" when i went to the register i was charged $2.5 each, moreover the cashier claimed that i was wrong with the price.It took her 10 minutes to get figured it out. After giving me the refund for the difference, she did not allow me to buy all the bags that i already had in my basket. She kept some back. What does this mean? How cheap is this?

That is a very old game that publix plays. HAve you ever bough a product where the tag was more than what you actually paid? NO ! why ? because they update their computer first instead of changing the price tags.

No more publix. Period.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Just an fyi to all the wonderful consumers claiming "SCAM! SCAM!"

Every week there are price changes.

100+ price changes. Things going up; things going down; things coming off sale. The task of changing these tags, for the most part, fall onto one, maybe two, people. Yes, mistakes happen.

But calling them scammers is a joke. If you honestly believe these things happen on purpose and are some evil conspiracy by Publix, Inc, go shop somewhere else. Go shop at walmart. Publix doesnt need your business or your money.

And also fyi, the price is automatically changed via software sent through from corporate. The store managers are sitting in the office smoking cigars and laughing with a sinister laugh, basking in the glory of screwing over customers out of 30 cents.

But if a price mistake IS made, you get a refund and the item for free.

But again, please go shop somewhere else. The employees work way too hard to have to deal with your *** and, mainly, your stupidity.

First Born Triplet

You have four complaints against this company why go back then?


maybe you should check you fridge and see what temperature its set on. you could be like every other customer an bring it back the day before its ready to expire with 1/4 of a gallon left and they will replace it for you, with a smile on their face.

and i would like to see you change every price tag in that store, we are all human and people make mistakes. You got one product for free and the rest at the sales price, that is a Publix Promise for when the product rings up wrong. Deal with it.

Publix isn't out to SCAM you. SMH


Another 'wonderful' Publix employee responds. This is why Publix is on the decline. It is not their fault, you just expect too much!{sarcasm}


Why are they allowing children to use this website? Does this site not follow COPPA regulations? Only a child would assume that because someone post a positive comment defending a company they work for the company.


Get a job there and change the tags. There. You know their job better than they do anyway.


I've shopped at publix my entire life and never had an issue like you're claiming... what the *** is wrong with you?