Miami, Florida
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Shows favortism to certain associates.

They always work early shifts and they always

work 50 hours or more we all need money during the holidays not just certain people.

To name a few KIM,ANNA,YOKO,ROLAND and LORI.

Certain associates takes 3 to 4 weeks off from work

no questions asked. And there are cretain ones who

only ask for a couple days off an we get a lengthly lecture alone with it.

And the evaluatons *** !

For some of us of who really does deserves 75 cents or a dollar raise just as KIM,ANNA,YOKO,ROLAND and LORI.

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birdy you whine way too *** much.

do you work in the deli or bakery?

right now there are about 12.5 million ppl w/o jobs.

now is not the time to be complaining.

so shut youe piehole and getrdun.......


Seems to me that the complainers are watching instead of doing. I would think if you did your work, you might get a raise too.

Could it be maybe your one of the people who call out everytime your kid gets a runny nose? There are a few of you in the deli that think having a child is everyone else's resposibilty but yours. Maybe your just one one the whinny guys who want to walk around and do nothing. Ellie is a fine woman who takes pride in her job.

Do your work and she has no problems. Maybe you all should try that concept.


LOL....."Working Class Hero"...either you are just kicking back doing nothing...while the girls are doing everything FOR you........or you are just DISCRIMINATING against me for being a female !

Very narrow minded, indeed !

Whatever you are smoking......I WANT SOME !!!! LMAO !


"she" is what Publix is ALL about !!

they like "she" !!!

She are better than "he's"

work for Publix and you will find out!!

The "she" is always on top of "he" !!


I always disliked people like you....always watching what other's are doing, while you should be doing your job and concentrate on what YOU are doing (or NOT).

How do you know just "why" those employee/s got granted a lengthy time off ?

Was it to care for a sick child, mother.....sick time, vacation etc.

Were you there, when those employees were questioned ?

(And believe me, it's common procedure as a manager to ask many questions......since we are the ones having to make the schedule for the department for enough coverage AND explain it to the store managers and DM !!!)

No one in their right mind is sticking their neck out for employees to be "just gone for several weeks", without having a valid reason.

Get your facts straight BEFORE jumping to conclusions !


All raises above .25 cents (soon to be .15 cents) are sent on a useform for approval from the District Manager. They must be doing something right (working) while you're doing something wrong (not working).


I once had a job where I was harrassed and bothered by a blackie!I busted his *** with a forklift and sent him to the hospital. No more blackie and no more trouble.

Peace be with you as long as you don't bother my *** ! Keep that in mind .


This is not favortizm, perhaps you are a terrible worker. Perhaps you act like a whining little kid as you did when you wrote this letter.

Stop being such a baby. I think you are jealous of KIM,ANNA,YOKO,ROLAND and LORI.

who actually do their job where you don't. What are you eight where you complain about something others have that you don't have.


hey birdy, i feel sorry for ya, i cant believe you get *** on like that, i bet you are the best worker in your store, arent you?.....or then again, maybe your not, maybe your just a whiner and complainer......did you know you can transfer to another store and work for another manager? shouldnt work where youre not happy, even though the economy is bad and there are no jobs, if no transfer is possible and youre not a "favorite", you could quit.....just a thought.......



wow, whoever you are, or if there is more than one of got issues, apparently youre too worried about ellie and the other associates and what they do than worrying about your own job....did you ever think that your work habits or ethics reflect on your evaluations??....if kim, anna, yoko, roland and lori are doing what they are asked, then god bless `em, they deserve it, and if you are so unhappy, the solution is simple.........QUIT!!!....or be happy you got a *** job!!!!


:grin What is "favortism"? Maybe when you finally get an education past the 5th grade level and graduate high school, you'll get the raise that you are complaining about.

You're an ***.

You deserve to be fired.

I'm sure they'll figure out who posted this complaint. ***.