Wesley Chapel, Florida
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I filed a complaint and then escalated it. I advised the store is selling a falsely labeled product.

TIDY CAT labeled non-clumping litter - it CLUMPS - and is easily tested. Standard routine get a refund, contact PURINA. PUBLIX'S sells the product to the consumer and they are ones responsible for what they sell to us. Finally advised I was the only complaint so nothing would be done about it - in fact today they are actually advertising it as special sale items.

So much for CARING about its customers.

I believed in the message of CUSTOMER CARE with PUBLIX but have now learned in the stores response - words mean more to them then action. P

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Lol people like you that file a complaint like this should be *** slapped.


I'm surprised someone with this complaint is smart enough to use a computer.


"Humm and the are FOLK are?"

Is this English?

Anyway... keep tilting at windmills, ConsumerFibber. Peace out. :p


got me there you did - but thanks for pointing out my nickname - sure does not match what I what I stand for -- I will be looking for the windmills


Humm and the are FOLK are?

I am placing the responsibility on seller of the product to WE consumers who purchase from the seller when they are made aware of a falsely labeled item. I appreciate you in keeping this complaint going


No one is saying it is the consumers responsibility... so I have no idea what your point is with the last post.

Folks are saying it is PURINA's responsibility. You don't like their claims? Talk to them. Because THEY are the guilty party.

Leave the blame where it belongs... don't spread it around for no good reason.


Wow really. - again then that would be the sellers responsibility NOT the consumers


And the GOVERNMENT makes tax money off the purchase.

By your "logic", the government is therefore also at fault for Purina's packaging.


And PUBLIX sells it to the consumer not Purina


You say you understand the comment, Consumerfibtoo, yet you go on with the erroneous line of thought.

Again, if the product is labeled wrong: that is on Purina, not Publix.

THAT is the point. Stop.

Take your complaints and deliver them where they belong.


Yes, because clearly, Publix is the one who labels and produces TidyCat.

If it's labeled wrong, that's on Purina, not Publix.


II understand your comment. But the point of the complaint is PUBIX who sells to the consumer a product they have been made aware of being falsely labeled.