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Hello all,

I already posted my thoughts about Publix's scam many months ago. I have seen people making comments about my thoughts saying "why don't you work for publix and change the tags" or "that is not true, you are making this up" etc.

First of all, I do not make things up. Today (2 hours ago) it happened again! Publix put 3 for 9 (frozen food). I paid for the items, and when I checked the receipt, IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!! I am telling you guys, and you do not want to believe.Why? Because nobody checks their receipt. I went to customer service, spoke to a young guy, showed my receipt, and got the item for free and refund. (the guy i spoke was a cool kid, he also said "yes it happens all the time, but people don't notice it, because nobody looks at their receipt")

So, long story short: stop being ignorant, look at your receipt and see how much you were charged in reality! i took pictures for those ignorant guys who are making comments saying "it is not true"! yes it is true! look at the pictures.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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It's not a scam, sometimes items ring up wrong. That is why Publix has The Publix Promise.



Man, I gotta say... if you get ripped off somewhere, you go back and get ripped off again...

then um.... why would you go back expecting anything else? Plus, you take pictures of your receipts to prove you went back AGAIN?

One of the commenters here asked why people were so mean and aren't willing to help. Well, here I am, ready to help.

My recommendation is:


Don't go back.

2. Quit eating food either hippies like or someone with no taste buds would force down. I mean, who eats Lemongrass Coconut chicken from Kashi? Ok, that's your decision and you paid for it.

Wait... no you didn't. You got it for free because you complained to customer service. 3.

If you can't help yourself and feel compelled to go to Publix (and I am sure the staff just loves to see you coming), then a good way to make sure you don't get "ripped off" is to pay attention when the clerk is ringing it up, not when you get home, look at the receipt and go, "Whaaaaa? They did it to me again!". Stop what you're fidgeting with, watch the screen and when the sound goes "CHIRP", look at the price. Is it what you expected?

If yes, then find something else, go through the line and try getting another excuse to complain. If it is NOT the right price, use this: "Excuse me, but the price said it was (fill in the price here) but it rang up as (fill in the price you saw on the screen here)." Wait for the clerk to respond. At this point, you may notice a bit of disgust but work through that. Eventually, he/she will respond with one of three possible responses: 1.

"We know who you are. Get out of the store." 2. "No, you picked up the 16oz box. The 12oz box is on sale, but you knew that.

Good try." 3. "I'm sorry! Here, have a box of Lemongrass Coconut Chicken on us. It's a small price to pay to get you out of our store for good." In either case, problem solved.

I hope this helps you during your next rip off attempt. Please do provide more pictorial evidence of your inability to comprehend how coupons relate to purchasing choices.


The sad thing is you believe this is a scam. Sometimes customer service just gives you the item to shut you up.

Believe me I do it all the time. You dont take the time to read the OZ or the small print. You buy the wrong type or wrong size and blame us. It's not my fault you can't follow simple instructions.

I used the same "oh sorry it didnt come off let me fix it" act just to make you leave my store.

We have so much time to deal with customers that do not how to read sales. Don't call a store incompetent because you are.


I know I come off as a complete and total psycho which is why I am a lonely hag and nothing better to do than search pissed consumer and trash talk the consumers that complain on this website. As you can see I am incapable of understanding the purpose of this website per my only complaint that has nothing to do with businesses but to do with my intolerance of others right to complain as consumers.

I should do you all a favor and blow off what little brains I have left. I realize I am a pathetic old hag with no one to love or care for me and that is why I feel a need to attack everyone and anyone I possibly can on this website.


Can't hold a thought of your own? Or did those my3cent *** get jealous?

Seriously, *** off. I can't stand cowards who can't even make comments under their own ID.


Everyone has figured out that LadyScot is just a liar. He throws accusations around to deflect the truth off of himself - he's a liar and uses this site to belittle those who fall for it. People, be advised - LadyScot is nothing, NOTHING but a liar!


So you admit to watching seeing the errors and saying nothing just to get the item for free. That makes it your fault scammer. Always want free ***


D'oh: you are 110% right. I usually catch them while they scan the item and do the error. And sometimes I cannot catch it, but no matter what, EVEN IF I CATCH THEM , i will be quite to get it for free. Why? because Publix will take advantage of you as soon as they get the opportunity. Why would i say anything about it then? You can call me a "Fault scammer" if you would like. No problem. I wrote even a letter to the HQ of publix, and complained about their scam.

It just amazes me that so many people are just too naive, and can't see the reality. Well, it is your money, spend the way you like it.

Good night!



If you are standing there and see it ring up wrong, and you say nothing, it makes you in the wrong, and in the long run you hurt yourself more as well as others because it causes prices on every item to be more expensive. You might laugh over this liitle amount, but you will pay a lot more in the long run for it


You never make mistakes on your job?


Why do people commenting on posts have to be so freaking rude? Some of us trust our grocery stores to be competent.

People seem to like to make comments here just to see how mean they can be to the people who are already upset about getting ripped off. Would it kill you folks to try to be be helpful instead?

I've been shopping at HEB for over 20 years, and only had a problem ONCE, when they sold me a fresh turkey with an expiration date of two weeks previously (and apologized, and let me exchange it without giving me a hard time).

To anyone who shops at Publix - it would apparently be a good idea to watch the monitor at checkout, AND check your register receipt against your purchases before leaving the store. Or better yet, shop somewhere else!


Did you jump on the internet and accuse them of being a scammer for a mistake? THAT is the *** that *** us off.

And competent? Does anyone ever call YOU incompetent when YOU make mistakes? Guess what? EVERY store has complaints about this same issue.

MISTAKES at the register. Get over it and move on.


Hello LadyScot,

Yes I do make mistakes, but I do not make mistakes on purpose.

I guess I was not good at my explanation, and therefore I apologize. Please read what I am stating;

1)this has been going on for such a long time, and I decided to proof this by taking pictures, it is not a mistake, because if you see what publix does, you will understand that this is not a mistake

2) please do me a favor, and when you go to publix, stop on the corner and watch people paying their bill. You will witness that people JUST pay whatever they are told to pay. Nobody looks at the print out receipt and compare the prices to the tags. Moreover how many people do you think will remember the price of the item on the shelf? they trust publix, and assume that they are sincere and honest.

3) if this was a one-time incident, yes you were right, but this has happened to me endless times.

4) have you ever seen paying less money for an item than the shelf price? no! why? because when prices change in department stores, they FIRST change the prices in their systems, and then they change the tags. Why do they not do the opposite? they could first take care of the tags and then change the prices in the computers, but -as i said- publix is smart enough to do the opposite.

5)you are free not to believe me, and that is ok, i promise you that i will take another picture of the receipt when this happens again, and i will send you a message saying "i posted a new link with the evidence" and maybe you will believe me eventually

6)have a nice day


Cava, I am not saying it does not happen. But it is NOT just at Publix. Every store in operation has the same issues. As long as humans work there humans will make mistakes. Before I retired from the military and became a pharmacy tech, I did that exact type of work. Granted it was years ago, but price changes is a big job. You may not think so, but I remember doing over 500 EACH day. Back then, it was by hand. These days, it is probably computerized, but someone still has to key it, and as big as many stores are my 500 is their 2000. As long as they, any store, continues to fix any errors, then they deserve a plus for GOOD customer service.

AND it is always the customer's job to watch the monitor that is facing them. I remember how much stuff is because I carry the ad with me, and all of their BOGOS are in the ad.

In my personal opinion, people are so quick to use the word scam on the internet. People always expect perfection when they themselves are not perfect, and would expect others to forgive their own mistakes.



1) this is not a mistake

2) mistakes do not happen all the time, especially in such a big company like publix, why does it always happen against the customer? this is being done one purpose.

3) you did not read what i wrote above correctly: it is not a mistake at the register by the cashier. The person at the register ONLY scans the item, the "mistake" is being done by the head people by not changing the tags. Basically "an item that was on sale eventually gets out of the sale, and its price changes to the regular price, then this price is updated in their entire region in their computers, but the tags do not get removed"



Yes, you are right, i was rude. I do apologize.

It does bother me though that NOBODY looks at their receipt, and instead of learning a lesson from what i have been writing, they attack me with their comments. Here in Miami, there are not too many alternatives. Publix has the monopoly, and we rarely see other supermarkets/grocery stores.

I wanted to frankly warn people, why would i take pix of the receipts? this incident WILL HAPPEN again very soon, and i will post another comment here on pissed consumer JUST TO PROOF that this is a pattern.

If I had seen that people normally look at the receipt before leaving the store, i would not even bother , but look around and you will see how people just pay the bill without even comparing the prices.

Finally; a small loss like $3 or $5 is not a big hit against a consumer, i admit it, not the end of the world, but think of hundreds of people shopping at publixes!

Anyway, i guess i cannot defend myself good enough and convince others unless i show more proof.



SO Sad:

good job on calling this bull***.

1)I am not lazy not to monitor before the check out. I do check it out. I just do not say anything while the item is being scanned at the register.

2) YES, you are right, i am trying to get it free. Why? because if i do not pay attention, i will overpay for an item, why would i tell them anything while they scan the item? this is being done so many times, and if i know that publix does this one purpose, of course i will try to get it for free.

3) instead of saying "people like you are ruining the country", i would encourage you to see what corporate world does to take advantage of people. I will not give you examples, but i am pretty sure you read newspapers etc, and you are well educated


Why don't you get a job at Publix and see how things work before you scream SCAM! People looking in from the outside is clueless as the work involved in price changing...

There's the saying, everyone thinks they can do it better.

They always are in a rude awakening when they are actually doing it.

Publix does not have to give you the item for free, all they have to do is refund you the difference you over paid... think about that!


And you aren't smart enough to know that you should watch the little monitor thing that shows the price of each item as it is scanned?


i do watch the monitor. If i say something while they scan, the item will not be free.

I wait until they finish everything, and once they are done, I pay the money. Then i go to customer service and get the item for free.