Las Piedras, Puerto Rico

I have been a loyal publix customer for years. I live in Tallahassee Fl.

I am upset with sale of snow crab legs. I noticed the price has sky rocked in the last year. They are like $10.99 a pound and the last few months they will go on sell for like $9.99 a pound. This is no sale.

If you put them on sale more often and lower the prices you would sell out I guarantee you would not waste crab legs by letting them sit in a freezer getting freezer burnt. I am going to start shopping at Win Dixie because they have better sales on their crab legs.

Win Dixie just last week had their crab legs on sale for $6.99 a pound. I mean come on publix what is your problem!

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First of all you *** *** winn dickme has much smaller crab leggs that means less meat .Second that's a *** reason to go somewhere else where they double the price on bogo items .....PS use your food stamps wisely !!!!


Be careful what you wish for. I bought crab legs on sale at Publix ($7.99/lb.) and got food poisoning. Not sure if the crab legs were contaminated or they weren't kept at a proper temperature but I won't be buying them again!


They are on sale at Publix tomorrow for 6.99


Win-Dixie went bankrupt, so that is not a good example.