Cary, North Carolina

I ordered my special cake 4 weeks prior to the event. I spent a long time with the "event coordinators" to ensure they had a full understanding of what I wanted.

The morning I was to pick my cake up I saw the baker painting the fondant. They completely tried to pull this cake off the morning of the event. They delivered the ugliest cake I have ever seen. They never admitted it was done last minute.

The worst part of this, they never offered to replace the cake so I was forced to get a sheet cake from the restaurant.

A refund is the least they should have offered. Clueless.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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That's the main thing here, I wouldn't blame decorators for policies they are told to go by. Making the cakes last minute (day of) that's a regular thing at any grocery store, especially if they are busy and Cary is a very busy store, I would've ordered it for an earlier time.

Future reference for any cake ordering not just "special orders". I'm not saying it is your fault by any means but I do believe we have some very talented decoators and I don't want their work put down completely:


As a decorator i say time and time again we shouldnt do wedding or big specialty cakes unless they separate the bakery. A department for cakes and a separate for bread.

We are expected to do any number of cake orders-- 50+, regular production, wait on counters and answer phone calls, and make sure this $400 cake is perfect. I love doing them but hate that I cant just focus on a specialty cake. We are not in the back focusing on just the products. We dont have that luxury like cake boss and ace of cakes.

Im sorry the cake was not what you wanted but just last week we had to do 3 wedding cakes hours before they were due pus 65 regular orders and just 3 decorators. Cake businesses usually work on cakes for days... we have maybe an hour or 2.

So much more i could say but that covers a little. Love my job but its very very hard.


How old would you prefer your cake? Stores typically try to keep your cakes fresh.

Remember, you went to a grocery store, not a Cake Boss or Ace of Cakes.