New Orleans, Louisiana

the store manager at store 6901 she is so nasty to customers and her employees she is making the store bad she does no work to try to improve her skills and she makes her own females employees and she dont even complament them she is a very bad store major and i think you need to get rid of her there is a nice gentelman that makes that store well and he treats customers nice he desrves the poisition she needs to go the female store major she is a sorry person and you need to fire her the address is 6901 taft you need to take action and watch her sorry pain that she is cant stand when she is there she treats all her employees like garbage the management at that store is bad because of the sorry store manager GET RID OF THE STORE MANAGER THank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Publix Manager.

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Thanks for notice management in general they need job management class that would help


all I can say is "holy ***"! I hope this doesn't walk into my store as one of my customers in the future. No amount of raps on the skull will help this nitwit


I'm sure that nice new "major" could show her to the aisle with spell check, although I don't think they have enough shelf space for coherency!


Not one period in that long, rambling train-wreck of a complaint.


That's actually kinda impressive.


Kudos to you, sir or madam. Keep doing what you do.

@Mr Bojangles

I think this was written by "the nice gentelman"'s mom.